Larsa Pippen and Scottie Pippen Divorce: She Cheated with WHO?!

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Hope you haven't eaten recently, and if you have ... well, hope you're ready to meet your last meal once again.

(This story is so gross it may make you vomit, did you get that? To be clear, it's disgusting enough to elicit a physical reaction. Of vomit.)

You know how Scottie and Larsa Pippen are getting a divorce?

Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen

Scottie filed just last week. They'd been together 19 years and shared four children together.

Larsa, a former cast member on Real Housewives of Miami, took some time to release a statement through her rep:

"After careful consideration and 19 years together, Larsa and Scottie have each filed for dissolution of their marriage."

"Although they are no longer to be married, Larsa remains hopeful that she and Scottie will always do what is best for their four beautiful children and jointly raise them with love and respect."

"She would like to thank everyone for their understanding and kindly ask for privacy from the media during this difficult time of transition for her family."

Sad, right?

Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen at the Derby

But then we heard that cops had been called to the couple's home twice just before the divorce filing, once on October 1st and again on the 4th.

No additional information was released, so we don't know exactly what the issue was, but it doesn't sound great, you know?

We also heard that Larsa has been spending a lot of time with rapper Future lately.

Now here's where you grab your barf bags ...

Rumors had been swirling that Larsa had been cheating on Scottie with Future, and finally, sources close to the situation are giving details.

Future pic

An insider states that Larsa and Future met at a party over the summer, and he's been "flying her everywhere on his private jet since then."

One source claims that Larsa and Scottie had "been separated for quite some time living separate lives," but another tells a different story.

"Scottie is devastated. He found out about Larsa and Future and couldn't handle it."

And we certainly don't blame the guy.

Future is notoriously awful, and it just takes a quick glance at how he's treated Ciara after they split to prove it.

Things got so bad between them that Ciara ended up suing him, just to prevent him from trashing her.

Ciara and Future

And if you need more proof of how horrible Future is, then all you need to do is hop on Snapchat.

On Tuesday, just when the rumors Larsa had cheated on Scottie with him started to pick up, he shared a video with a very pointed message:

"She's mines nooowwwwwwwwww."

Poor Scottie.

Really, poor everyone who has to deal with Future on a personal level.

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