Kylie Jenner: Pregnant?

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Will the rumors about Kylie Jenner and Tyga ever grind to a screeching halt?

Probably not. 

The latest news surrounding the famous couple is that Kylie Jenner could be pregnant with her first child

Kylie Jenner Sighted in New York In Silver

It's crazy to think that not so long ago, we watched Kylie as a child on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Maybe that's why we can't imagine her with an offspring at this moment in time.

Geez, it's making us feel old just thinking about it. 

Kylie has essentially been a parent to her boyfriend, Tyga throughout their relationship.

When she isn't keeping him out of trouble, she's been paying his bills. 

It's not news that Kylie and her fellow Kardashians make a lot of money from their various public appearances, magazine deals and reality TV gigs. 

Tyga is like the leech that just won't disappear, but Kylie must see something in him to still have him in her life. 

Tyga and Blonde Kylie

Maybe she's one of those chicks that like a bad boy and Tyga most definitely is a bad boy. 

With regards to being pregnant, there have been numerous reports that Kylie is not trying for a baby. 

That's not to say she wouldn't rise to the occasion if the opportunity presented itself to her. 

One report goes as far as claiming that Kylie would welcome an accidental pregnancy. 

Might this all be on the back of the success of Rob & Chyna? 

Rob and Chyna Photo

The show has become a ratings success for E! through just a handful of episodes. 

That said, there's probably a gap in the market for a Kardashian spin-off with an Operation Repo like twist. 

There has also been much speculation about whether Kylie and Tyga are married, but why would they want to miss out a huge pay check from E! for televising the wedding?

Some rumors are just so ludicrous.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Attend Boohoo X Jordyn Woods Launch Event

There's no way they would want to miss out on the potential money. 

With Kylie basically paying Tyga's way, will he ever need to actually get a job?

It's not like his music career is taking off for him. When was the last time the dude had a hit single?

What do you think about the latest on these two?

Hit the comments below!

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