Kim Kardashian Sex Tape: Coming to Virtual Reality!

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As anyone living and breathing in 2016 knows, there's no such thing as bad publicity. 

And if anyone knows it better than most, it's Kim Kardashian. 

(Except the following pic isn't actually of Kim, fair warning.) 

Kim Kardashian Virtual Reality Sex Photo

Vivid Entertainment, who purchased Kim K's sex tape, launched a virtual reality sex experience platform using a Kim lookalike and some seriously fancy technology. 

In the "experience," you see actual Kim K sex tape footage. 

If that doesn't get you excited enough, a Kardashian lookalike enters the frame and begins to, uh, pleasure you. And herself.  

We're really just wondering if Kim herself endorsed this - or allowed it.

Kardashian sued the porn giant back in 2007, but settled out of court, so it's hard to say whether or not she'd be on board with this type of thing. 

But, you know. 

Monies and all that. 

Knowing Pimp Mama Kris, Jenner likely encouraged it - with this family, nothing's terribly surprising. 

Kim Kardashian Butt GIF

In recent news, Kim Kardashian's harrowing robbery was confirmed to be the real deal (unlike dat ass).

This closed the doors on suspicion that Kim - or her cronies - faked the heist for money or attention. 

The Paris police chief in the precinct where Kim was robbed said, "At this time, there is no doubt about the reality of the crime." 

Earlier this week, the purported thieves were even caught on camera. 

Grainy footage showed five suspects fleeing the robbery - three of the men were on bikes, and two were on foot. 

It was reported that the entire robbery took about 49 minutes from the time the thieves entered the building until they fled the scene. 

Which is, you know, horrifying. 

The chief claimed that he didn't initially know who Kim was, but after Googling her - and likely more - he realized who she was. 

"I quickly understood who she is," he said. 

"And now I know almost everything about her." 

Kim Kardashian: Giant Naked Boobs Photo

We bet he does. 

"The personality of the victim, Kim Kardashian, is not like anyone else," he smiled. 

"She has a lot of likes on Facebook!" 

Virtual reality porn, simulating the real deal. 

Whatever will they think of next?!

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