Kim Kardashian: I Don't Have Anything to Do But Sue People Right Now!

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Oh girl. 

Stop gripping your fortune so hard in fear that it's gonna be taken away from you, and start gripping on something a little more tangible - like reality.  

Kim Kardashian is purportedly suing Vivid Entertainment, according to Showbiz Spy, for distributing a virtual reality sex experience featuring a likeness of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, and boy, oh boy, is that looking a gift horse in the mouth. 

Kim and Ray J

The report revealed, "At this time we are looking into legal options for this blatant misuse of Kim’s name."

About the VR experience, Vivid said, "This virtual experience gives you your first chance to see what it would be like to make your own personal home video with the reality celebutante, Miss Kim Kardashian."

The statement continued, "She comes right out of her famous home video with Ray J to have some fun with you." 


There's a market for everything, and Kim Kardashian's sex tape was one of the highest-selling sex tapes in the history of all sex tapes.

Kim Kardashian Virtual Reality Sex Photo

The thing is, the sex tape is what really put Kim - and her Kardashian/Jenner family clan - on the map. 

She might not like it - or pretend to dislike it; you know how shady this family is, and how long, in comparison, Farrah Abraham denied that her video had been created and produced - but the thing is, Kim's never really tried to change her image. 

She never shied away from the Ray J sex tape, and you can bet your ass that Kim thanks the universe every single day for what caused her big break in show business. 

Girl, just get a grip. 

Kim and Ray J

Our personal advice? 

Kim and her team just need to let sleeping dogs lie. 

In the doggy-style position, a thing to which they're accustomed. 

Because if you lay down with dogs, you get fleas peed on. 

Kim should really cut the holier-than-thou crap and move on with her life.  

Vivid made her famous, and what she may or may not be doing is putting her on the same level as Farrah Abraham, another porno queen. 

And how could that ever be a good thing? 

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