Kim Kardashian Sweet Sixteen Photo: See the Birthday Girl in EPIC Throwback!

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The ever-changing face of Kim Kardashian has undergone so many changes over the last two decades, it's hard to keep up with that, let alone the rest of the Kardashians.

Kim's BFF Allison Statter shared throwback photos of Kim and company at her Sweet 16 birthday party, which were included in a detailed post about Kim as a feature on the Kardashian website. 

Honestly, we have a hard time even comprehending that it's the same person. 

Kim Kardashian Throwback Photos

... That face, though. 

As y'all probably have marked on your calendars, Kim Kardashian's birthday is tomorrow.

The reality star will turn 36 years old, which means that her lascivious "I'm gonna piss on you" Ray J sex tape was 13 years ago - feel hella old yet? 

About the snap, Statter wrote, "Hey guys, it's hard to believe that 20 years ago, Kim and I wre turning 16 and learning how to drive."

"I remember Kim's Sweet 16 so well."

"Aunt Kris and Uncle Robert hosted a really nice lunch for Kim with all of her friends and family at a popular Italian restaurant called Cicada," she continued.

"How cool that Kim is wearing a vintage slip dress, LOL."

"Kim was always a tad bit younger than us, with her birthday being in October, so we were all ready for her to turn 16 so we didn't have to drive her everywhere anymore!" 

Kim Kardashian Throwback Jenner Photo

"Kim didn't think she was getting a car because her dad had convinced her she didn't need her own car at 16," Statter revealed. 

"So when Kim walked outside after lunch to her new white BMW in the parking lot, she was SO surprised!!!" 

Oh, sure she was. 

C'mon. As if a Kardashian - or Jenner - would have anything withheld from them. 

Kim Kardashian Relaxes

Statter continued, "As Kim and I have grown up together and gone through some life milestones - like getting our first jobs, moving into our first apartments, getting married and having babies - it's nice to look back at all of our memories together." 

Also, you know, Kim Kardashian's first plastic surgery, and whatever else in that vein. 

That's a milestone and a half, girl. 

"Her 16th birthday will always be a special memory because it was a time in our lives where we didn't have as much responsibility." 

"We enjoyed every moment of being 16 together," she wrote. 

"Happy Birthday, Kimmie," she concluded. "I love you more than you know!"

Kim Kardashian Birthday Photo

Well, you know what they say: time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas ... and also, whatever the crap is that Kim's been pumping into her face for 20 years. 

HBD, girl! 

Positively can't wait to see what you look like in another 20 years!

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