Justin Bieber Flips Out at Fans: You're So Obnoxious!

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Things just haven't been going so well for poor little Justin Bieber lately, have they?

Well, they haven't been going well for him for years now, but things have taken a weird turn in the past few months.

We first started getting concerned for JB when he made his Instagram account private.

Justin Bieber In Concert, On Instagram

Sure, it sounds like kind of a mild little thing, but he did it because his followers were attacking his then-girlfriend, Sophia Richie.

"I'm gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don't stop the hate this is getting out of hand," he wrote at the time.

"If you guys are really fans you wouldn't be so mean to people that I like."

Now, that was fair -- Justin has the right to make his Instagram account private if he wants to -- but it's strange because it seemed like Justin was starting to turn on his fans a little bit.

Why wouldn't he just ignore the negative remarks? With all the thousands upon thousands of comments he gets, it would definitely be easy to do.

But then Justin put on that completely, hilariously absurd disguise last week in Germany, and everything started coming together.

Justin Bieber, For Real

Justin is really acting like he's getting sick and tired of fame.

And he proved that at a concert on Monday when he got upset that his fans were cheering for him.

How dare they, right?

Justin stopped the concert and said "Can you guys do me a favor? Can you guys just relax for about two seconds?"

"I get it, I get it," he said, "but I'm like two feet away from you. And I can hear you. I appreciate all the love, it's amazing, but can you show it in a different way? Screaming is just so obnoxious."

One might argue that Justin's entire existence is "so obnoxious" and that he has little room to talk, but we digress.

Justin Bieber, Muscles

Justin got himself some well-deserved boos, and he dug his douchey hole deeper.

"I get it, it's been in our blood and it's ingrained," he said. "You go to a concert and you scream and stuff. But if you could just scream after the song, enjoy the song, and then take a chill pill for a second and listen to me speak."

"I don't feel like I'm being heard sometimes, and it gets a little frustrating. When I'm speaking, can you guys not scream at the top of your lungs?"

The thing is, though, that Justin is definitely being heard. His voice is heard all throughout the land, and that's why so many people pay so much money to hear his voice.

If all these thousands of people paid their hard-earned money to see Justin, and if they're so excited that they can't help but scream, then wouldn't that be a compliment?

And as long as Justin's been touring now, wouldn't he have gotten used to all those loud, rabid fans by now?

It just seems strange, that's all.

And douchey. Definitely very douchey.

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