Jessa Duggar: Jill Living in Another Country is SO HARD For Me!

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For most of the past year, Jill Duggar has been living in El Salvador with her husband, Derick Dillard, and son, Israel.

The couple spent ten months performing missionary work and living in austere conditions.

They're currently back in their home state of Arkansas, but Jill and Derick say they're planning to leave the country again soon.

Jill Duggar Baby Bump Image?

They haven't announced their destination, and they may not even have one in mind yet, but it seems certain that the Dillards won't be residing in Tontitown for much longer.

On last night's episode of Counting On, we saw Jill and Derick make their triumphant return home.

Naturally, they were welcomed by a veritable army of Duggars.

"We're so excited to have Jill and Derick back in town," Josiah Duggar told the camera at one point.

"Nobody wants to miss out on this, so we're all going to the airport to welcome them." 

Jill and Derick Dillard in El Salvador

Jessa echoed the sentiment, adding:

"We're all really excited. For most everybody, it's been nearly 10 months since they've got to hang out with them and see them in person."

Jessa got more emotional than her siblings when discussing Jill's return.

The sisters have always been close, and after getting married and becoming moms within a year of one another, they have more in common than ever.

Jessa Duggar Screen Grab

So it comes as no surprise that Jessa is feeling the pain of Jill's absence more acutely than her brothers and sisters are.

"Jill and I have had so much in common over these past three years," she continues.

"It's been difficult for me not to have that connection with her, sister to sister - now mom to mom. So we're looking forward to having them back."

It's a touching moment that's made a bit sad by the fact that we now know Jill won't be home for long.

It seems that Jessa didn't know that at the time the scene was filmed, but she could've assumed that her sister wouldn't stay in one place very long.

Here's hoping TLC is working on a spinoff in which the Dillards and Seewalds travel the world together Carmen San Diego-style.

In the meantime, you can watch Counting On online at TV Fanatic.

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