Javi Marroquin: Did He Just Get a Tattoo of Kailyn Lowry?!

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Hey, were you looking for some juicy Teen Mom drama that is either unbelievably scandalous or ridiculously dumb?

Congrats, you're in the right place!

Kail and Javi

This new little rumor has to do with Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry, their broken relationship, and their mutual love of tattoos.

Settle in, and let us weave you this delightful tale.

See, it all started when Javi got this new tattoo.

Javi's been getting many tattoos ever since he returned home after his deployment, but this one is getting quite a lot of attention because ... well, you'll see.

The tattoo depicts a woman with a clock for an eye (art!), but people are noticing that the woman bears a resemblance to a certain reality star:

Javi Marroquin tattoo pic

That really does look like Kailyn, right?!

The nose, the lips, the hair. Come on.

It's definitely easy to make the connection between the lady artistically inked on Javi's arm and the one inked on his heart.

("Aww," gag, etc.).

On Instagram, several people are seeing the resemblance as well, leaving comments to tell the U.S. Air Force member as much.

One commenter even got super deep, writing "I definitely see Kail ... and the clock around her eye, time ended too soon?"

Right in the feels, bro.

Kailyn Lowry with Javi Marroquin Photo

But, according to Javi, the woman on his arm is absolutely not Kailyn, and you're pretty crazy and stupid for even thinking it could be.

"Lmao you can't be serious," he tweeted in response.

"Any picture of a girl y'all will find a picture to resemble."

"Let the artist do whatever. I'm more art than meaning."

A lot of people would argue that art does have meaning, and that there's a reason he liked this image enough to have it tattooed on his arm.

But sure. Whatever you say Javi.

It's also interesting to note that, earlier this month, Javi publicly stated that he still loves Kailyn, even though they're getting divorced.

"I love Kail a lot," he revealed recently.

"We text, I annoy her all the time still."

"I have to go over there and get my mail and stuff like that so I see her all the time. She invited me for dinner yesterday with the boys."

Take that, along with the fact that they're still legally married after months and months of being separated, and throw in this suspicious tattoo?

Javi still might have it bad for Kailyn, y'all.

Talk of Lowry and Marroquin getting back together has run rampant ever since they split up. Now that he's back in the U.S., can it work?

They haven't given us a lot of reason to believe they want that, what with the passive-aggressive online shade throwing and all.

Still, you have to wonder. Combine all the reasons above with the fact that they have a young son together, and you never know, right?

Anyway, here's hoping it works out for them.

For the kids' sake, and for true love and all of that, but mostly so he doesn't have to go through the process of having that thing removed.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

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