Grisly Grindr Murder Blamed on Satan, Breaking Bad

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Stefano Brizzi, meth-using, Breaking Bad-obsessed Grindr killer picked the wrong victim. 

As if there was, you know, a "right" murder victim ever. 

Brizzi was arrested for killing a London police officer after neighbors discovered a revolting smell emanating from his apartment. 

Stefano Brizzi Photo

The UK's Metro reported that Brizzi, pictured above, met police officer, Gordon Semple, below, on Grinde, and the two agreed to meet up for a sex party. 

Semple asserted that he'd rather just have one-on-one time with Brizzi instead of a full-blown party, and Brizzi began choking him at that point. 

In the police report, Brizzi said, "[The others] didn't arrive, and when one did arrive, I was right in the middle of strangling Gordon and I said to [the guest] 'Look, this is not the right time now, people are falling ill and it's a mess.' "

Understatement of the century. 

Why the party-goer didn't report the crime - or the suspicion - right then and there is a head-scratching shame. 

Gordon Semple Photo

When police finally did arrive on the scene - nearly a week later - they found Brizzi wearing only underwear and sunglasses, and discovered "globules of flesh" floating in Brizzi's bathtub. 

Those "flesh globules" were tested and confirmed the suspicion that the remains belonged to Officer Semple. 

Brizzi dissolved Semple's body in acid - a move depicted on the greatest show of all time, Breaking Bad - and claimed that the Devil was involved. 

"I've tried to dissolve the body," he said. 

"I've killed a police officer. I killed him last week." 

"I met him on Grindr and I killed him," Brizzi admitted. 

"Satan told me to." 

Stefano Brizzi Court Drawing Photo

Brizzi continued, and told the court during his trial that he was into "Satanic rituals" and having sex on renderings of pentagons. 

He denied the murder itself, but admitted to dismembering, disposing, and dissolving the body of Officer Gordon Semple. 

What have we learned here today, folks? 

Well, for starters, don't, you know, kill people and dissolve them in acid in your home bathtub. 

Also, hey - watch who you hook up with. There are some crazies out there. 

Last? If you start hearing voices in your head, and you think it's Satan, doling out orders like free samples at Tesco, perhaps you should seek counseling. 

Like, immediately. 

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