Gavin Rossdale: Gwen Stefani is So Incredible!

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So Gavin Rossdale is pretty awful, right?

He's always seemed kind of slimy, and honestly, it's 2016: why is Bush still a thing?

Throw in all those rumors that his divorce from Gwen Stefani was brought on because of a sordid affair he had with their nanny, and, well, he's pretty much the worst.

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But even though anyone with the tiniest bit of consideration would slither into the shadows after what happened with Gwen, Gavin is, for some unfathomable reason, still insisting on being famous.

And not only is he still insisting on being famous, he took on the weirdest, most questionable role thinkable for a famous musician who just got divorced from Gwen Stefani.

He's on The Voice, guys.

Well, he's on the UK version of The Voice, but he's a coach, just like Gwen -- he spins around in a little red chair and everything.

It's awkward, isn't it?

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He didn't have to do a singing competition show, and if he did, he didn't have to do Gwen's show -- the same show on which she found her new guy.

It's actually kind of creepy.

And if you think that's creepy, then just wait till you hear Gavin acknowledge how creepy it is.

"It's ironic," he said about landing the exact same gig as his former wife. "It's like nothing's surprising anymore."

You can say that again.

"She's so incredible at it," he went on. "I've watched her."

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"She's really, really brilliant at that show. She's so natural at it. I hope that I'm just half as good as her."

This is, funnily enough, the first time that Gavin's directly spoken about Gwen since she filed for divorce last year.

He's touched a little on the divorce itself though, and he did so just a couple of weeks ago in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Hilariously, he said "It's like, enough already. I've got to move on. Everyone has got to move on."

Gavin Rossdale: Operation Smile's 2015 Smile Gala

Really, bud? Because that seems like an awful lot of talk for someone who just took the exact same job as his ex-wife.

If he really wanted to move on, he could have taken literally any other gig.

But what fun would that be for a big ol' creeper like Gavin?

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