Farrah Abraham Replaces Jenelle Evans on Upcoming TV Show: Why?

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Farrah Abraham is nothing more than an opportunist. 

Put her in any situation and she'll find a way to sway everything in her favor. 

She can flawlessly make people think they're in the wrong. 

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It's quite sad, but it makes for great television and that's probably why WEtv have snapped her up to appear on an upcoming series. 

Family Boot camp offers counseling to warring families. If you watch Marriage Boot Camp, then you probably already know what it will be about. 

If you recall, Jenelle Evans was originally meant to appear on the series, but there were a lot of things that led to Farrah getting her foot in the door. 

Word is that there was some tension between the network and Jenelle because of the way things played out. 

Maybe Jenelle was too busy taking her kid to the beach during hurricanes.

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bumpin!

Her mother, Barbara Evans backed out, so that kind of ruined the whole idea in Jenelle appearing in the first place. 

Instead, the network offered her to appear with David Eason in Marriage Boot camp: Reality Stars. 

That did not sit well with Jenelle, who declined the offer.

How the heck did she expect to appear on the original series if she didn't have Barbara on board?

With that said, Farrah was approached and was probably doing cartwheels with excitement at taking Jenelle's place. 

We all know what Farrah is like. She revels in annoying her peers. 

That's sort of what she does. 

Farrah Abraham: Blonde on Facebook

The funny thing about all of this is that Farrah was not the second choice. 

According to Amber Portwood, she was actually the third. 

Amber tweeted, before retweeting a fan who suggested she was talking about Farrah:

“I just passed on a certain show because of my surgery so they went to the 3rd choice to take my place..wonder who that was lol??”

“No shade…well maybe a little bit of shade haha,” she added.

“This would be the 2nd time this has happened…I love not being a reality show puppet."

Amber Portwood Shows Off Yet Another New Haircuit

Portwood went on to say:

“I never strive to be a millionaire or famous I just want to make sure my family and future is taken care of and we’re happy and healthy."

Basically, the producers knew Farrah would be a nightmare to work with and went to her as a last resort. 

It should be interesting to find out just how terrible it was working with Farrah. 

What do you think about all of this?

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