Farrah Abraham Has a Complete Mental Breakdown

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We all know what a menace Farrah Abraham is, but what we didn't know is that she's apparently - and entirely - losing her damn mind. 

In a new Teen Mom: OG clip, Farrah completely unloads on her mother for no ascertainable reason. 

Her demeanor and temperament changes on a dime (probably a dime she earned at her local strip club), and honestly, the change is frightening to watch. 

We've seen Farrah flip out many times before, but nothing like this, and especially this unprovoked. 

Did you ... have you ... what just happened? 

First, she was asking questions about the truck, saying that she didn't know anything about them, and the next thing you know, she's unloading on her mother for ... we're not even sure what. 

Also, we're pretty confident that she called her mom "genius f--kface."  


We're completely agog over this video, and we're not mental health experts or anything, of course, but this seems to be on the spectrum of bipolar or even schizophrenic.  

Farrah Abraham Flips Out on Mom Photo

There's absolutely no reason for Farrah to have flipped on her mother like that, aside from exhibiting some pretty strong symptoms of an issue that needs to be addressed. 


And Farrah's just fighting with everybody these days, isn't she? 

First it was her epic, come-to-blows fistfight with Amber Portwood, and now this. 

Is she trying to get yanked off the show? 

Because we're pretty sure nobody else in their right mind would touch her toxic ass ... not even a local grocery store. 

M.O.M. (Made of Money)

Even on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran is laying into Abraham lately. 

He said, "Farrah can argue with a wall and think she won."


He didn't stop there, though.

"Farrah is very fast-tempered and needs to work on her anger issues," he added. 

It would even appear that he hit out at MTV, and asserted that his relationship with Farrah is a sham. 

"[The women of Teen Mom] get more money for having men live with them."


Farrah Abraham in Sunglasses

On the whole, though, Farrah is easily the most disturbed Teen Mom on the show, and unlike the other ladies - who absolutely have their own special sets of problems - won't admit that she's utterly, batshit crazy. 

Get a grip, child. 

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