Duggar Family: ANOTHER Spinoff In The Works?!

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Say what you will about the Duggars, but one thing is for sure: they are very, very resilient.

It might seem like a lifetime ago, but it's been less than two years since the news broke that Josh Duggar molested five young girls when he was a teenager -- a few of those girls being his little sisters.

And it's barely been a year since we learned that Josh had been paying for an Ashley Madison account, which essentially meant that he'd been paying money to look for people to cheat on his wife with.

Josh Duggar, Siblings

Josh went to rehab for several months to deal with his many issues, one of which, he revealed in a statement, was a porn addiction.

Another fun fact about Josh: multiple porn stars have claimed that Josh paid them for sex, and that he was frighteningly rough with them.

But still, even after all that, the Duggars have stood by Josh, and a whole lot of people have stood by the Duggars.

So Many Duggar Kids

Thankfully, it seems like there is a limit to what people will support, as recent reports state that TLC will cancel the show if the family tries to bring Josh on.

The Duggars have been quick to defend Josh throughout his many scandals, but when rumors started swirling that they'd invite Josh on the new show, Counting On, to defend himself, the networks promptly shut the idea down.

But even though Josh is such a touchy subject, TLC seems to still love them some Duggars.

So it makes sense that Amy Duggar, Jim Bob's niece, just might be getting her own show.

Duggar, Amy

Amy just turned 30, and as part of her birthday celebration, she got pampered at a nail salon, where she was photographed with a film crew.

The word is that she might be getting her own Duggar spinoff, or at least a special.

It makes sense: in September, Amy's husband, Dillon King, said that they were working on a secret project.

"Amy and I are sorry we haven't posted in a while," he wrote on Facebook. "We have been very busy the last few months. We have a surprise for everyone, we have been working on some stuff and the outcome I think will be amazing."

Could the surprise be a new show? It certainly looks like it.

Amy Duggar Models a Flannel Dress

Really, if TLC has to have another Duggar show, this would be the best way to do it.

Amy is a little less controversial than the rest of her family, and she doesn't live by their very strict rules about relationships.

She was the only Duggar to suggest that perhaps Josh's indiscretions were a little more serious than he was willing to admit.

What we're saying is that TLC has had worse ideas. Way, way worse ideas.

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