Drake: SLAMMED For Mocking Kid Cudi's Mental Illness on New Diss Track

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For a Canadian fella, Drake can be ruder than a Tim Horton's customer when they're out of Timbits the morning after a Maple leafs loss, dontchaknow.

The emcee/human quivering lip has recently made an effort to shed his image as the baby panda of the rap world by going HAM on some of his rivals.

Now he's known as the baby panda who needs a nap of rap.

Drake in a Pink Shirt

It all started with Drake's feud with Meek Mill.

The hip hop community seemed to universally agreed that Drake had murdered Mr. Minaj with a pair of blistering diss tracks, to which Meek never responded in any compelling way.

It was a clean, decisive victory, but it gave Drizzy a taste for blood.

Next thing we knew Aubrey was attacking everything that moved.

Drake in white

He's in that part of the musician biopic where he alienates all his friends with his diva-like behavior.

His business partnership with his mentor appears to be over due to the revelation that Drake banged Lil Wayne's girlfriend.

Rihanna dumped Drake because ... actually, that probably had less to do with his new attitude and more to do with the fact that they had no business going out to begin with.

Anyway, the point is, Drake sees nothing but targets everywhere he goes these days.

And it seems that the latest shots he fired have seriously pissed off some of his biggest fans.

Kid Cudi in Chicago

Rapper Kid Cudi checked into rehab to be treated for depression earlier this month.

Cudi revealed that he'd been experiencing suicidal thoughts and public figures from all walks of like praised the acclaimed artist for opening up about his condition.

Then Drake came along and undid all that progress with an ignorant-ass track in which he dismissed Cudi's mental illness as a "phase":

Drake also seems to imply that Cudi is addicted to prescription pills, rapping:

"You stay Xan and Perc'edĀ up so reality set in, you don't gotta face it."

Cudi hasn't replied because, ya know, he's in rehab.

Unfortunately, he may not get the chance to fire back.

Pusha T Image

Drake also disses Pusha T in his new song, a rapper who's done the sort of things that Aubrey's only read about in the liner notes of a Biggie album.

For Drake's sake we hope Push decides to settle this thing on wax.

Otherwise, Drizzy might wind up one sorry hoser.

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