Counting On Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Guys' Guide to Courtship, Duggar Style!

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On Counting On Season 3 Episode 7, Jinger was confronted with the realities of courtship from the male members of Duggar Nation. 

The famous reality TV family gave the 22-year-old, as well as millions of viewers, some tips on how to keep a relationship successful.

What did advice from Ben, Derick and others reveal?

If you watch Jill & Jessa Counting On online, you've been counting on the big engagement of Jinger and Jeremy to air any week now.

Well, prepare to count on a little longer now, people.

Instead, Counting On Season 3 Episode 7 turned into a retrospective of all the engagements that came before and who might be next.

In the present, Jinger was traveling to meet up with Jeremy in Philadelphia; Michelle, Jessa Duggar and son Spurgeon were chaperoning.

A flight delay and the possibility of missing her connection was almost unthinkable to Jinger, who is over the moon in love with the guy.

So much so that Jinger was schooled in courtship.

The Duggar boys, and the boys who married some Duggar girls, talked to us about how to go about and survive the courting process.

All in all, this amounted to kind of a clip show. Weak.

Still, we got to see Jeremy offer his thoughts on courtship in general, and how important it is to the family of the girl he prepares to marry.

"Here's this man who's poured his life out to raise this girl," he argued, putting himself in the shoes of Jinger's overbearing dad, Jim Bob.

He certainly won brownie points by saying that "part of being a man" is "being face-to-face with another man and asking for his daughter."

If Jinger and Jeremy are moving too fast, you wouldn't know it based on these quotes and how glacially slow the engagement is playing out.

Meanwhile, producers interviewed John David and Joseph about their thoughts on courtship, and what they're looking for in a partner.

This was essentially a cable TV personal ad for each.

Jessa Duggar praised big brother John David - Jana's twin, and the second-oldest Duggar son - for having so many life skills to offer.

Jill's possibly ailing husband Derick seconded that.

John David's aforementioned twin, Jana Duggar, said she hoped whoever he married would be a "good girl" who could be her best friend.

Jana and John David

John David, 26, was also one of the most outspoken members of the family after Josh's scandals, saying he doesn't want to act like that.

He was also tasked with flying Anna to and from Josh's rehab.

While a lot more is known about John David than his 21-year-old brother, Joseph had his moment in the spotlight on last night's episode.

Joseph, for his part, was described as a "hard worker" and a "very caring person," who attends what looks like a search-and-rescue school.

After having praised heaped on him by his siblings, Joseph personally said that he's looking for a mate "who loves God first and foremost."

Something to keep in mind, ladies of Northwest Arkansas.

Jinger and Joseph Duggar

Following their arduous travel delays and loads of TLC filler, Jinger, Jeremy and the rest of the Duggar gang did make it to Pennsylvania.

They are gonna get engaged eventually, too. Promise.

Jeremy showed his parents the engagement ring he picked out after Jinger and her mom had gone to sleep, and it was a big, big hit.

"Oh, that is so beautiful!" his mother gushed.

"It's so delicate. It's precious."

She added: "She's gonna love it. She's gonna say yes.

We have a hunch that's correct. Ask Jinger's sister.

"The goal of this trip is for Jinger to meet all of Jeremy's relatives who live up in the Northeast," Jessa said of the ostensible mission.

"The secret goal is Jeremy is going to propose to her!"

Can you even handle the anticipation!?

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