Catelynn Lowell: Teen Mom Will Last Forever!

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It feels like the world hasn't gotten a single piece of good news in eons, right?

Donald Trump is running for president and people are supporting him, even though he says and does terrible things with each waking breath.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got divorced, even though they shared six children and were supposed to be together literally forever.

Teen Moms Fashion Attack!

Hell, someone even had the nerve to make a completely unfounded formal accusation of spousal and child abuse against Adam Levine. He's douchey and all, but come on, really?

So in times like these, we really have to latch on to the tiniest little bit of happiness we hear about.

And right now, do we ever have some happiness ...


Teen Mom Cast Photo

Grab your confetti and some champagne, because if this hot mess of a reality show continuing on isn't just an absolute delight, then who even knows what is?

We got the news from Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, who discussed the future of the show with TMZ reporters.

And while the word "forever" wasn't actually used, it was heavily implied.

Catelynn said that the gang was definitely planning on another season after this current one wraps up, and she added that "I feel like it's always going to be a part of my life now!"

Us too, girl, us too.

Catelynn and Tyler

Catelynn even had some jokes: "What's it going to be, 30-Year-Old Mom OG?"

(Get it, because Catelynn and Tyler are 24 now and the show is still called Teen Mom? You get it.)

Good ol' Tyler pushed for the show to last until "Season 42!", and Catelynn's mother, April (she was there too!), had the sketchy idea of MTV following the Teen Mom OG's children when they had their first kids.

That seems a little much, but sure, April, thanks for playing.

And if all this wasn't enough joy for one interview, Catelynn also commented on how her marriage to Tyler is actually going.

As you'll surely remember, they've seemed to be struggling quite a lot on the show this season, thanks to Catelynn's returning depression and Tyler's near-constant insensitivity.

Tyler even resorted to the tried and true tactic of accusing MTV editors of twisting the footage to make him look bad, that's how serious things have gotten in the Baltierra household.

But Catelynn told TMZ that "We're doing great. We are, we're really doing great."

And that just might be the best news we've heard all week.


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