Catelynn Lowell: Here's the REAL Deal on My Extreme Mental Illness

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Catelynn Lowell isn't afraid of showing it all off for the camera -- which is why the Teen Mom's battle with mental illness is such big news. 

Lowell opened up in a deleted Teen Mom scene, talking about her struggle with mental illness and how she's going to approach talking to her daughter, Nova, about it. 

In the clip, she said, "Honestly, I feel like the only thing I want [my daughter] to know about mental illness period, is if you are starting to feel a different way, extreme emotions...that it's okay to be honest and say you're feeling that way." 

"Not to feel like you're crazy," she continued, "because that's what I used to tell myself all the time - that I was crazy." 

"If you are feeling certain things, or if things are extreme, it's okay to feel them," she said. 

"It's just how you work through it and you know you have to come to a realization that it's going to be over." 

"You feel like sometimes it's going to be forever in that moment," Lowell admitted.

It's gotta be hard, though, when you have a Teen Mom douchebag for a husband, who doesn't seem to fully support you, and who, in fact, fat shames you on top of your own insecurities. 

In a previous episode of the reality show, Lowell's husband, Tyler Baltierra, said, "I don't want no heifer for a wife," brutalizing both her and the English language simultaneously. 

Throughout the airing, he goaded her and grumbled about her very existence. 

And the show in question was shot just six days after Lowell returned from a rehab to help manage her anxiety and depression. 

What a charmer. 

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra VH1 Couples Therapy Pic

In recent weeks, Tyler has also shamed Catelynn for even having depressive tendencies, acting like she can't do anything right - even make it to her doctor's appointments. 

Tyler himself admitted that he's currently in therapy in order to "work on [the] delivery of messages and opinions," but we're calling absolute BS on that one. 

If anybody needs intensive therapy in this couple, it's Baltierra. 

... And we don't think his therapist is helping him work on ways to tell his wife that he "don't want no chub."

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