Amber Portwood to Haters: F--k Off About My Crazy Boob Job!

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Amber Portwood doesn't need your crap - and especially not while she's recovering from her mommy makeover

Have you no scruples? 


In the above NSFW video, Amber rails on her followers and says, "Everyone shut the f--k up about my boobs." 

"Get off my page; I'm in my nightgown." 

"Listen to the words coming out of my mouth, and let's be grown women." 

This, in response to all of the flak that's being thrown over Amber Portwood's boob job and tummy tuck and whatever else she may have gotten done under that ol' "mommy makeover" umbrella. 

All this because she decided to do what she wants to do with, you know, her own body

Amber Portwood Plastic Surgery Photo

Previously, Amber fought Farrah Abraham after Abraham mentioned that Matt Baier looks like a pedophile.

We're not saying he doesn't, but we're not saying that Farrah Abraham is allowed to say that, either.

This infuriated Amber, who stormed onstage and started tearing Farrah a new ass (hey, maybe she can make a mold of that one, too, for larger-endowed men).

"Michael, Farrah's dad, got out of his seat and got in between Farrah and Amber and was yelling at Amber and calling her a bitch," the source revealed. 

Yes, this is a grown-ass man calling a woman his daughter's age a bitch. 

Farrah Abraham is So Real

You can clearly see that class runs deep in the Abraham family heritage. 

"Then Matt came onstage and got in between Amber and Michael." 

Ahh, the trials of being a teen mom on Teen Mom

That's where things got even uglier, though, and it came to blows. 

"Suddenly, things took a physical turn," the source continued.

Michael Abraham Photo

"All that could be seen was that Michael seemed to put his hand on Matt's throat, and Michael went flying into the audience."

We're not condoning violence or anything, but somebody needs to shut that much-abused man up aside from his own domineering granddaughter. 

Just not Matt Baier. 

"Farrah was yelling at Amber to [go ahead] and punch her," the insider said.  "Amber tried, and just missed hitting Farrah." 

Baier With Us

We get the leftover rage, girl. We really do. 

Also, we're on your side.

Farrah's a piece of junk, and anybody who'd mock your super smokin' hot new look is a joke, to boot. 

But please, rid yourself of the disease known as Baier? 

It's not as if poor, downtrodden Farrah Abraham's father was going to actually do anything to you, girl. 

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