Tyler Baltierra Redeems Himself For Fat-Shaming Catelynn Lowell: Watch!

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If you watch Teen Mom online, you know this season has been a difficult one for what may be the show's most beloved couple.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra got married in August of last year, just eight months after Lowell gave birth to daughter Novalee.

Needless to say, it's been a time of considerable change for the young newlyweds, and all the stress of motherhood and a new marriage has taken an emotional toll on Lowell.

Back in, Catelynn checked into rehab to be treated for anxiety and depression.

In the above preview clip for this week's episode, Tyler reads his wife a letter that he wrote for her during her time away from home.

The letter, which has been moving fans to tears on social media, reads:

"I am so beyond proud of you for doing all the hard work you have done this month.

"You are the strongest, most courageous and beautiful person I have ever met. I am honored to call you my wife and love you beyond words.

Cate Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

"You are amazing and you are strong, you’re gorgeous and brave, caring and nurturing, you’re angelic and graceful and more importantly… WORTHY of love, dedication and devotion. I love you babe, don’t ever forget it. - Your husband"

Kind words, and no doubt exactly the sort of thing Lowell needs to hear as she struggles to cope with her condition.

Many fans see the letter as a redemptive moment for Tyler, who earlier in the season was accused of fat-shaming Lowell in a scene that showed an uglier side of the usually doting husband:

Nothing too horrendous, but not the sort of thing viewers are accustomed to hearing from the affable Baltierra.

But no doubt many fans who had written him off are giving Tyler a second chance due these days due to the admirable way in which he's helped his wife to heal and risen to the challenge of caring for their daughter by himself in Catelynn's absence.

Anyone who was still on the fence will likely be swayed in Baltierra's favor after seeing him surprise the newly-returned Lowell with flowers and a heartfelt note.

Obviously, everyone on Teen Mom is far from perfect (just like everyone else on the planet), but what's satisfying about watching Tyler and Catelynn is that they continually strive to better themselves and be the best possible partners to one another.

Viewers generally don't demand perfection from their reality show stars.

In fact, it's usually Farrah Abraham-esque villains that deliver the biggest ratings.

But in order to continue caring, everyone once in a while amidst all the tantrums and misbehavior, we need to see a warm, human moment enjoyed by two people who genuinely want the best for one another.

We just hope this scene is followed up by Farrah assaulting another producer or something.

We love that crap.

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