Troian Bellisario Bachelorette Party: See The Pics!

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Troian Bellisario is a very successful actress, who is getting married to Patrick Adams. 

Bellisario stars on Freeform's hit series, Pretty Little Liars and although we are still pretty cut up about the show coming to a close, we're glad the actresses are moving on. 

If you watch Pretty Little Liars online, you'll know storylines are being stretched to crazy places, so it's great that the stars can move on to other roles that will better utilize their talents. 

Troian Bellisario's Bachelorette Squad

Heck, we don't even know if Bellisario's Spencer Hastings will even return for the final 10 episodes. 

If you recall, she was shot by her tormentor on the midseason finale of the show. 

It would be crazy to not have her as part of the core cast anymore, but we do know Bellisario directed an episode recently. 

That could be what's keeping her around the set and the rumor mill quiet. 

Bellisario's squad looked on point as they vacationed in Europe. 

They could easily give Taylor Swift's squad a run for their money. 

Fans quickly noticed there was something off about some of the photos of the trip. 

Two of her Pretty Little Liars co-stars were nowhere to be found in the pictures. 

Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell were on tap to help their pal celebrate, but Sasha Pieterse and Lucy Hale were not there. 

There is every possibility there was a conflict in their schedules that prevented them going on the excursion. 

Still, it is pretty odd. The cast members have seemed like a close family in the past, but maybe things aren't as amicable nowadays. 

They've been working together for almost seven years, so there's every possibility they're getting tired of one another. 

The lack of two of her co-stars did not get Troian upset. 

It sure looks like she had a great time. Why wouldn't she? She's on vacation with her girls!

Troian Bellisario At Her Bachelorette Vacation

She even had a super cool "Bellisario Gets Booted" baseball tee.

What more could she want?

She and her squad used the occasion to eat some good food while in Europe. 

Ashley Benson took to Instagram to show her fans that her breakfast was better than theirs. 

Ashley Benson's Breakfast

She and Shay Mitchell also shared a huge bowl of pasta, which was probably better than anything her fans had eaten that day. 

Seriously, it's huge. Whoever the heck took the picture probably had to stand 10 meters away from the table to get the whole bowl in frame. 

Ashley Benson & Shay Mitchell Share Pasta

Later on their break, Mitchell took to Instagram to make a joke about Pretty Little Liars. 

“Last night felt like a dream but I'm sure Hanna, Spencer and Emily would of wished for an AD free world at the Trevi Fountain,” Mitchell captioned. 

It's a great nod to the series that made them household names, but also a little unsettling that she's calling their tormentor "AD."

It will always be "A."

Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell & Troian Bellisario Posing

Bachelorette parties can be very wild affairs, but Bellisario's was rather relaxed. 

Just look at the picture below of her pals on a boat. 

Shay Mitchell & Ashley Benson on Boat Trip

If that isn't squad goals, then what is?

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