Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Animal Instincts

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On a special Labor Day installment of MTV's flagship show, Teen Mom OG Season 3 Episode 4 was all about instincts for the fab four.

Whose served them well, and what did this entail?

Catelynn with a Pet

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you're well aware that Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran have had a tumultuous relationship at best.

This week was certainly no exception to that.

The issues between the couple started as soon as Saran touched down in Texas for Easter, with tension mounting throughout the visit.

Take the two simply driving to an egg hunt and Farrah growing irritated with the traffic.

Saran dared to calm her down by mentioning it was a busy weekend, to which she snapped:

"Dude, I'm driving and you're not. So, I need you to shut the f-ck up. It really is appreciative."

It really is a wonder she is yet to hold down a man, isn't it?

At the egg hunt itself, Farrah was looking for eggs with Sophia and Saran was just chilling on the sidelines, prompting Abraham to complain to her mother:

“I don’t know what his deal is. But it needs to stop.”

Maci Looks for a Dress

But that was just the warm-up to the real fight of the night.

Saran dared to walk across Farrah's living room... with his shoes on!

"Simon, lets not walk on my rug ... lets wash your hands out here," Abraham told her boyfriend while gesturing towards the kitchen sink.

She then repeated herself: "Simon, do not walk on my rug with your shoes."

I heard you the first time, he replied.

But that wasn't what Farrah wanted to hear.

"Then what are you doing?" she yelled.

"There's a sink right here, don't forget. Don't walk on my carpet with your shoes ... I've told you this time and time again when you come over, stop walking with your shoes on my rug."

Saran tried to understand why Abraham was being to "hostile," which led to her crying and walking out of the room.

Later on, however, she sat Simon down and spelled out for him everything he sucks at. How sweet, right?

"You don't pay attention to what aggravates me," she told him. "I'm talking about the whole f-cking day, and not just the carpet ... at the egg hunt, it's not okay to come and not pay attention to the family you came with."

Saran tried to interject a couple times, but then just starting texting.

And this was the final straw for Farrah.

She got up… walked into the house to grab his luggage …and rolled it out onto the driveway.

The cameras then followed Simon as he jumped into a black SUV with his suitcase and drove off.

ELSEWHERE during the episode:

Maci came across her dream wedding gown! And her dream wedding venue!

The pregnant Tennessee native (who has since given birth) went dress shopping with her rarely-seen mother, asking MTV to only shoot her from the neck up so that the surprise would remain intact for her fiance, Taylor.

We also got a glimpse of him on the episode when he and Maci went to Florida to check out their ideal wedding location, which cost them a $20,000!

It's a good thing these people exploit their serious personal issues on TV for very big paychecks, huh?

As for Amber? She was stuck in the hospital with a major cold, forcing her to miss time with daughter Leah… who accused her mom of not caring about her.

"You never pick me up when you're supposed to," Leah said. "I thought you forgot about me."


Gary swore to Amber that he did explain to their child how her mother was sick, but it wasn't enough.

Concerned Leah would think she was a terrible parent, Amber told Matt Baier the following:

"I just don't want her feeling that way because I don't have her a lot, I don't want her thinking it's because it's my decision not to have her."

But, hey, at least Amber bought a cat, bringing her total pet count up to somewhere between 6 and 13,000.

Finally, Catelynn bought a $3,000 pig, but then lost it in front of producers.

"I just feel like I need help," she told them.

"'Cause I wasn't really feeling good this morning, and I was having a little bit of anxiety last night... I'm not OK … I do need mental help, something's just not right.'"

She went on to tell  her producer that she needed to stay at a mental health clinic in Arizona and also that she intended to "quit smoking pot."

Will that really solve all that ails her? It's a good start, right?

We often make snarky comments to end these Teen Mom OG reviews, but let's just hope that Catelynn gets the help she needs.

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