Taylor Swift: Out to "Destroy" Tom Hiddleston & Calvin Harris With New Album?!

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After enduring not one, but two painful breakups in the past four months, Taylor Swift is probably looking to stay out of the public eye for a little while.

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Of course, Swift didn't become one of the most successful entertainers on the planet by lying dormant or wallowing in self-pity.

No, she got to where she is by channeling her personal pain into confessional ballads that leave lovelorn fans and the tabloid press combing through her lyrics for clues like they're the DaVinci Code set to a catchy tune.

And this time around, Taylor is no doubt aware that her music will be more heavily scrutinized than ever before.

Back in June, she went through what seems to be her ugliest breakup yet with Calvin Harris.

Riding Calvin

It was a split so acrimonious that Harris slammed Swift in a series of irate tweets in which he informed her that she's got the wrong guy if she's looking for a new celeb to destroy. 

Shortly thereafter, Swift and Hiddleston broke up after a highly-publicized romance that lasted only a few months.

Swift has complained about the press reading too deeply into her lyrics, but it's hard not to when they so transparently address her very public romances.

(The woman broke up with John Mayer and then wrote a song called "Dear John" for God's sake!)

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But this time she may actually welcome the attention, as she's reportedly planning to musically eviscerate her two most recent exes on her forthcoming album:

A source tells the Daily Mail that the singer is outraged over the way Hiddleston and Harris have "teaming up on her" in public.

She feels that Harris has been throwing shade on social media and allowing rumors to go on checked, while Hiddleston's press team is attempting to make it look as though he "won" the breakup.

Fortunately, Taylor is reportedly more than ready to do what she does best:'

Record the best diss tracks since Jay Z and Nas went head-to-head.

Thanks to a leak from squad member Kelsea Ballerini we may already have our first taste of Tay's new album...

...and it's not hard to hear why fans think the song is targeted at Hiddleston.

Today, sources are telling the Mail that there's plenty more where that came from.

“Taylor’s been left fuming and is going to use her next album to restore her reputation and set the record straight," says one insider.

"She says she’ll destroy Calvin and Tom – she’s determined to get payback revealing details which, until now, she’d promised to keep secret."

Apparently it's not so much the breakups that have outraged Taylor, but the way both Hiddleston and Harris seemed to welcome the attention that followed their respective splits:

“Taylor’s blood was boiling when Tom’s camp waded in with stories slamming her," the source says.

"This was made worse by Calvin’s comments, which felt like another dig, as she said Calvin was twisting the knife when her reputation was already at an all-time low.”

Sounds like Taylor's new music will pack enough drama to put any soap opera to shame.

Frankly, we can't wait. 

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