Simon Saran: Farrah Abraham is a Great Mom! Step Off, Haters!

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Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham comes under heavy scrutiny from just about everyone lately, but one unexpected man is coming to her defense:

Simon Saran.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Saran, Farrah's sometime boyfriend who can be seen getting kicked out of her house if you watch Teen Mom OG online, wants to make this clear:

She's a great mom.

No, really, she is.

“[Farrah Abraham] does come under a lot of fire, but off cameras Farrah is an amazing mother to Sophia,” Saran revealed to Radar.

While the two have had their differences, as documented on MTV, Simon says “she plays both the mother and father role for Sophia."

"It takes a lot of strength.”

Farrah Abraham, Simon Saran MTV Movie Awards Photo

Farrah most recently caught flak from the Teen Mom OG fandom after she called Sophia a stupid heathen regarding an Easter event.

She's also tried to push Sophia into child modeling, and has even gone so far as to bless her future porn career. Seriously, that happened.

While Saran says he has never tried to be the girl's father, he wants to be a positive figure in her life, and that means having her back.

And her mom's.

“I could never be her father, but I do want to be a good role model for her. She’s a really bright kid," Simon said of the younger Abraham.

"I think guiding her in the right direction she can accomplish amazing things. It’s all about molding kids early. Their minds are sponges."

Farrah Pushes Sophia's Head Into Boyfriend's Lap

While Farrah and Simon - and Sophia and Simon (above) - have had their ups and downs, he says he has no regrets regarding Abraham.

He claims he can still enjoy the “adventure” of reality TV even as Abraham and Saran’s turbulent relationship status is unknown, and unclear.

It's been a bumpy ride, without a doubt.

Farrah and Simon broke up this year, shortly after Farrah bought her own engagement ring and before Farrah went on Millionaire Matchmaker.

That's Farrah Abraham for you.

While her Matchmaker dates didn't go anywhere, they did result in Farrah doing some PR and opening up about Simon earlier this summer.

“Simon is an ex-boyfriend,” she told Radar, but “I’m happy I’m not fighting with an ex or having an ex say horrible nasty things about me.”

Sounds downright pleasant!

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: Life & Style Weekly's 'Eye Candy' Halloween Bash

Farrah says she deliberately decided not to include Saran in projects she was taking on after they split, but just to give both some space.

“I’m busy, Simon’s busy,” Farrah told OK! “We are both two go-getters always on the move, which makes it really hard to have a relationship."

"We’re still really great friends.”

Who is this girl and what did she do with Farrah Abraham? This is all way too amicable and mature to possibly be the girl we know, right?

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