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If you watched a preview of the upcoming season of Rob & Chyna, surely you recall talk of a paternity test.

Blac Chyna Gets Blood Drawn

The editing is allows for Blac Chyna to admit that she doesn’t know if she wants to stay with Rob Kardashian, and that she might have to double-confirm that her fetus is carrying Kardashian’s DNA.

"Part of me wants to take a paternity test," Chyna told a friend in the clip, which was followed by a scene in the doctor’s office where Chyna got blood drawn.


First off, the fact that Chyna is admitting on camera that she needs to get a paternity test doesn’t paint her in the best light. 

Was she sleeping around when she and Kardashian got pregnant? 

According to TMZ, this is nothing more than a ploy to get viewers to tune in, much like Keeping Up With The Kardashians does with their storylines.

Rob & Chyna Season 1 Trailer: Kinky Sex, Paternity Tests and More!

Production sources told the site that Kardashian is the only possible father to their unborn daughter, due in November.

Not only that, but the needle scene at the doctor’s office was for a routine blood test, and not a paternity test.

What’s so weird about all of this is that Chyna and Kardashian had planned on making a baby since they started dating, but Chyna does enjoy ruffling her man’s feathers from time to time.

A source told TMZ that Chyna did tell Kardashian at one point that he might not be the father "to get under his skin because she was pissed off at him."

I think it worked, since Kardashian has deleted all of his Instagrams on three separate occasions this year.

One can’t blame Kardashian for reportedly refusing to film this summer, since it sounds like it’s causing all sorts of hiccups in his relationship with Chyna.
Blac Chyna Paper Magazine Photo
Chyna, however, apparently loves the attention.  
"Chyna is TV gold and Rob is a dud," a source told OK! last month.

"There have definitely been a few growing pains on the set of the show. It’s a lot of work and a big commitment," a production source told People back in early August.

Another source was more candid when spilling secrets to Us Weekly a few days later.

"It was like a honeymoon every day with Chyna before filming started,” the source claimed.

“But working with your pregnant partner and living together has been stressful. Rob just shuts down.”

E! has not released any news on whether the series has been renewed for a second season (although there’s a wedding to be filmed, so count on at least a special).