Kim Kardashian Slams Hater, Pays Tribute to 9/11

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Kim Kardashian had quite a busy weekend on social media.

She also had quite the weekend of contrasting emotions.

Kim Kardashian, Up Klose and Personal

On Saturday, the reality star was asked about her first child, with a fan inquiring of North West:

“Does North pick her own looks or have favorite outfits to pick from?”

Replied Kardashian, whose child's fashion choices have made her into a viral sensation:

“We make all of her clothes so she picks the fabrics at fabric stores!”

This seemed like a relatively harmless response, but not to at least one critic on the Internet.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @emseffect screen-grabbed the exchange and wrote the following to Kardashian:

 “These are the kind of things why people hate you @KimKardashian.”

We're pretty sure that's not accurate.

People hate Kim Kardashian because she will shill for absolutely anything, even when it involves misleading her fan base.

People also hate Kim Kardashian because she acts like she's far more important than she actually is.

People also hate Kim Kardashian for what she represents: a culture that rewards appearances and Instagram followers over hard work and talent.

But do people hate Kim Kardashian because her daughter picks out fabrics for many of her outfits? We don't think so.

On Sunday morning, Kim woke up and decided not to just sit back and accept this piece of criticism.

She replied to the misguided user:

“Bc she has a passion 4 fashion &we’ve given her the tools 2 explore that? Spending time w dad @work isn’t bad either."

She then offered some helpful advice:

"And maybe spend less time hating others and loving yourself. Life is good. Be happy & blessed, in all sincerity.”

Kim and North Sleep

Sunday, of course, was also September 11.

Many celebrities shared brief tributes to those who lost their lives on that date in 2001, with Kim posting an especially personal memory.

She included the photo below on both Facebook and Instagram and wrote this as a caption to the beautiful photograph:

15 years ago today I remember my dad calling me waking me up to tell me not to come into the office & told me what happened in NYC.

We then had a family meeting at my moms & prayed. Life is so precious & I pray for everyone who was affected by this awful tragedy. #NeverForget911

9/11 Tribute

That's a whole lot better than what Jenelle Evans wrote about 9/11.

Finally, Kim closed out her weekend by acknowledging what those who watch Rob & Chyna online found out on last night's season premiere:

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are having a baby girl!

And the former's sister is pretty excited about it.

“Congrats @robkardashian & @BLACCHYNA on your baby girl!!!!!!” she wrote on Twitter. “a girl!!!!!!!!!! how cute is she going to be!!!!!!!”

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