Kim Kardashian Adds Crying Trump and Clinton Emojis to Collection

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Kim Kardashian wants to keep Kimojis as up to date with current events as possible. 

The latest addition to her app is the "Presidential Package."

It includes emojis of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Barack Obama. 

Kim Kardashian Attends The Worldwide Editors of Harper's Bazaar Celebrate Icons by Carine Roitfeld

All three of them are crying in the emojis

Pretty funny. Right?!

It's pretty hilarious that she would use the presidential campaign to get more traction for her emojis. 

That's sort of what the Kardashians do. They can use pretty much any current event to get their names in the press. 

Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Kimojis

It's a good tactic, but Kim has got to be slightly concerned about Rob & Chyna thrashing Keeping Up with the Kardashians in the ratings. 

Some thought Rob & Chyna was going to crater because the parent series is losing a lot of ground in the ratings. 

Instead, it surprised and premiered with over 2 million viewers. 

This put it in first place for the night in key demographics. 

The drama in Rob & Chyna did not seem half as fake as what's been going down recently on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Just looking at the teaser of what's to come has got us so excited about the rest of the season. 

That said, Kim has been pretty vocal about her support of Hillary Clinton and her run for office. 

As you can probably expect, Kim managed to get a selfie with Clinton late last year. 

Kim can make money from pretty much anything she touches. 

That's why she knows that adding these new emojis could help get more people to download the app. 

Let's face it, the Kardashians will do anything to try and milk money out of anything while they still can. 

They're not leaving the spotlight without a fight. 

Maybe Kanye West running for office in 2020 will keep Kim in the spotlight. 

Kanye West in All White

Yes, he's made it very clear about his intentions to run for office, but a lot can change in the next few years. 

There's every possibility that he was just saying it to try and get people talking. 

Could you imagine Kanye as president?

That's a scary thought. Right?!

Kim might be at the drawing board thinking about who to have in her next line of Kimojis. 

It would be great if she made a package about all the celebrities she has clashed with. 

It could result in even more press for her and her family!

It would be fun to see just how Taylor Swift would react to being featured.

There's really no love lost between the two. 

They've clashed due to Taylor allegedly lying about giving the green light to be featured in Kanye's "Famous" music video. 

Taylor Swift Dazzles In New York City

What do you think of the latest addition to the Kimojis?

Was she right to release the new package?

Hit the comments below!

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