Kelly Clarkson Looks Back on American Idol: It Was Amazing!

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Kelly Clarkson has had a wonderful career that has spanned over fourteen years. 

Clarkson won the first season of American Idol back in 2002. It's crazy to think that she's still as relevant as today as she was back then. 

Her career has continued to flourish, but Idol did not. 

Kelly Clarkson Finale Pic

The singing competition finally concluded earlier this year after 15 seasons.

That's a great run for any series. 

You'd think singing competitions would be a bit long in the tooth by now, but NBC continues to find success with two cycles of The Voice every year. 

Granted, there always seems to be some sort of rift with the judges on the show, but it drums up good ratings. 

Clarkson has enjoyed a lot of success throughout her career. She's the first artist from the show to achieve 100 Billboard number 1 hit singles. 

Yes, that means the star has topped the chart at least 100 times. 

The Original American Idol

That's not an easy task for anyone, so she deserves a lot of recognition for that. 

That said, Kelly is not about to forget where she came from. She knows American Idol gave her the career she has today. 

Joining singing competitions was the best way to get noticed in 2002. There was no Youtube for artists to go viral back in those days. 

Kelly took to Twitter to express her gratitude to the once hot Fox series. 

"14 yrs ago 2day @AmericanIdol opened a door w/such amazing opportunities & experiences 4 me!" the 34-year-old singer wrote on Twitter on Sunday, September 4.

"I am 4ever grateful & blessed! #heresto14more."

There's every reason to believe that Clarkson will still be topping the charts in fourteen years.

She really does have staying power and it's not often an artist can continue to top the charts after all this time. 

Kelly recently signed a major record deal with Atlantic Records, so at least we know she'll continue to release great music. 

She also welcomed a son in April of this year, but she will be back with new music very soon. 

It just goes to show that even though the final few seasons of American Idol were terrible, the show still served a huge purpose. 

Kelly Clarkson with baby Remington Alexander

It gave the likes of Kelly Clarkson a start in an industry that's very difficult to become a star in. 

Clarkson even appeared on the final season of the Fox hit, but apparently Carrie Underwood was not impressed

Underwood was given a smaller segment than Clarkson. 

Carrie Underwood at American Idol finale

This peeved Underwood because she knows she is the bigger money maker of the two. 

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