Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Get Chaperoned, Wet in Counting On Sneak Peek

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Counting On's Jinger Duggar may not follow her family’s courtship playbook as closely as Jim Bob might like, but she still has boundaries.

In other words, chaperones.

Jim Bob, Jeremy and Jinger

In a sneak peek of Tuesday’s Counting On Season 2 Episode 5, the sixth eldest Duggar goes on a fun date with future husband Jeremy Vuolo.

And three siblings.

Jeremy, Jinger and her siblings Jeremiah, Jedidiah and Joy-Anna Duggar will visit a local amusement park to race go-karts and more.

Much more.

“We have to kinda watch and keep an eye on ‘em,” Jedidiah says, and when the competition turns to bumper boats, things to go another level.

Jeremy and Jinger Together

Jinger decides to share a boat with Jeremy for a “teamwork” edge; Jinger’s brothers take notice and in response, spray them with water.

“That was just like calling for an instant shower blessing,” Jeremiah says, and while Jeremy takes it in stride, Jinger is less than thrilled.

Hey, when you break courtship rules left and right, the younger siblings are going to be taking their chaperone rules all the more seriously.

We can't be having any more full frontal hugs now, can we? No, although the way these two are going, it may be a moot point shortly.

We can expect Jeremy to “browse for engagement rings” with her sister Jessa Seewald’s husband Ben on this week's installment as well.

Jeremy Vuolo and Jim Bob Duggar Image

While Jim Bob disapproves of Jeremy Vuolo - or at least made it clear he doesn't want Jinger to move too fast - he may have met his match.

These two are so smitten it's almost nauseating.

Or actually nauseating, if you're some fans who are taking issue with Jinger’s propensity for turning “babe” into a three-syllable word.

And saying it approximately 75 times.

“I felt a bit embarrassed by the ‘baaabe’ talk,” one fan wrote following last week's courting-heavy show. “I don’t know about this courting thing."

"Jinger has gone from being very sheltered and home all the time to having a boyfriend to talking of marriage in a mere 60 days or so."

“Emotionally she almost doesn’t seem like she is able to handle it. The ‘babe’ thing is a little much. She repeats it over and over."

"It seems awkward to have a camera following her around at such an emotionally vulerable [sic] time. Is it really a healthy thing?” 

A fair question, but one that could also be applied to so many of the Duggar family's rules for dating, courting, marriage, sex and life:

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