Jimmy Fallon Greets Hillary Clinton with Surgical Mask, Bag of Softballs

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A few days after Jimmy Fallon got slammed for joking around with Donald Trump on The Tonight Show, the comedian sat across from Hillary Clinton as a guest on Monday night.

And, in true Jimmy Fallon fashion, he spent far more time joking around than hitting Clinton with any difficult questions.

(Fallon came under fire last week for tussling Donald Trump's hair and portraying a lying bigot as an actual human being.)

For example, when Clinton came out, Fallon donned a surgical mask and used sanitizer after shaking the presidential candidate’s hand, all in a reference to Clinton's bout with pneumonia last week.

"I'm not contagious," the Democratic nominee responded. "Nothing like a little rest when your doctor tells you to and you don't do it."

Later in the discussion, Fallon asked Clinton about her recovery from the illness and inquired about former President Bill Clinton. Is he a good nurse?

Yes, Hillary responded, saying her husband was "very solicitous" and "very sweet,” but quickly added: "My dogs were great, too.”

(Some women out there might say Bill Clinton is a "dog." Sorry. We had to.)

To Fallon's credit, he then went on to mock himself a bit for tossing softball questions at Trump, despite laughing off all criticism when recently asked about it.

The 68-year-old nominee was presented with a giant paper bag from Fallon, who explained that it had been left in Trump’s dressing room after he appeared on the show late last week.

What did it contain?

A heart-shaped frame with a photo of Vladimir Putin in it, for starters.

Clinton jumped on the opportunity to slam Trump for his continued praise of this Russian dictator, referring to their relationship as “the most famous bromance going."

"Besides me and Timberlake," Fallon quipped, making easily his best joke of the night.

"But Justin's worthy of your attention," Clinton gamely responded. "Because, last I checked, he hadn't killed off his adversaries."

Also in the bag? A Pink Floyd "The Wall" CD and a bunch of softballs.

"That's as close as he's going to get to the wall," Clinton joked of the album, while Fallon explained the inclusion of the softballs.

"Oh no, that was my gift to him. That's what I gave him. I'll give them to you later in the evening."

Not bad, Jimmy.

This appearance marked Clinton's third time as a guest on The Tonight Show.

Among other highlights:

A child writing in to tell Clinton that her hair looked best in November of 1994 and a discussion about how it's challenging to campaign as a woman because you get criticized for not smiling enough.

How does she balance her emotions when out on the trail? And what lessons has she learned?

Watch the video above for the answer and then sound off:

Did she earn your vote?

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