Javi Marroquin Prays for Kailyn Lowry After Sad Twitter Rant?!

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It's that time again, friends -- time for some passive aggressive social media posts from a Teen Mom!

This time, the Teen Mom serving up the vague drama is Kailyn Lowry ... shocking, isn't it? Of course it isn't.

Kailyn Lowry VMAs 2016

Kailyn is all about some pointed tweets in which she doesn't name names, but drives the point home anyway.

It would be impossible to recount all the times she's seemingly referenced Javi on social media, but a few stick out.

There was the time she retweeted the statement "they always cheat with unattractive females," as well as the time she stated that "I've f-cked up but I won't let anyone bring me out of character again. I promise that for my kids."

Kailyn and Javi Selfie

Basically, ever since she confirmed that she and Javi were getting divorced, she's been weaving this tale about how she was wronged, that Javi changed her but she will rise from the ashes of their split, stronger and more focused than ever.

Meanwhile, Javi claims that Kailyn's plastic surgery changed her, physically as well as mentally, and that she's a different person now.

Both Kailyn and Javi have claimed that the other person cheated on them, so as you can see, there's very nearly a literal ton of drama surrounding this divorce.

Javi, Kailyn and Kids

And now we have some more to add on, because Kailyn just went on a brand new Twitter rant that seems to be all about how Javi is dating again already.

"People move on so fast these days ... damn," she wrote.

Yeah, you know this is going to get good.

"People will really make sure they have a backup person before they end their current relationship," she mused.

Kailyn Lowry Crying

In closing, Kailyn surmised that "Nobody wants to be alone. That's why sh-ts not real with people. They just want their time occupied lol."

Lol indeed, Kail. Lol indeed.

It's a pretty rich sentiment coming from someone who not only may have cheated on her husband, but who was also rumored to have moved on herself months ago with a mutual friend of hers and Javi's, Becky Hayter.

Remember back in June when she posted then deleted the photo where she was kissing Becky?

Kailyn Lowry At Gay Pride 2016 in New Jersey

Throw in the new reports that she's on the lookout for a new boyfriend right now, and it all seems a little too preachy for our tastes.

Don't worry though, because good ol' Javi was there to hit back with some sass of his own.

"Praying for your happiness," he tweeted. "I hope that you recover. Take a shot for me."

Javi Marroquin in a Cap

Yeah, it's a Drake lyric, but it's pretty fitting, isn't it?

Somehow we feel like this isn't even remotely the last bit of turmoil for these two, but it sure is a fun bit anyway.

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