Jana Duggar: Jinger Loves Jeremy Vuolo So Hard!

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Jinger Duggar’s family previously admitted her love for Jeremy Vuolo, but it's clearer than ever how much the new romance is changing her.

Just ask her older sister, Jana Duggar.

Jana and Jinger

On Counting On Season 3 Episode 2, during which Jinger and Jeremy's courtship became official, several of the siblings went on a road trip.

Much to the chagrin of 22-year-old Jinger.

Sure, leaving their native Arkansas and hoofing it to Missouri for a survival class is standard fare when you watch Counting On online.

It's just that her mind was elsewhere.

While Jinger was seen packing up and leaving with her brothers and sisters, Jana made it clear her sister wasn't a big fan of the trip.

“Jinger is probably the main one that really is not wanting to go on this trip,” Jana said as Jinger was seen packing her favorite accessory.

That would be a pillow wrapped in Jeremy’s old soccer jersey; Vuolo is a former professional player who went on to become a minister.

If that's not nauseatingly cute, we don't know what is.

So sappy, in fact, that Joy-Anna Duggar said that Jinger's courtship stage has topped Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald by a wide margin.

No wonder it was hard for her to not contact Jeremy on the trip to Missouri, where she openly fretted about her lack of cellular service.

“If we were to get there and find out there’s no cell phone reception," Jinger said, she feels like she can't live without seeing her man.

If only on FaceTime while they're apart. 

"I think that I would just have to figure out a way to send a smoke signal up or something. Have somebody come rescue us."

Fortunately, she did get service, and Joy-Anna responded by telling her smitten sibling she could have one hour a day to talk to Jeremy.

You know. Chaperone rules and all that.

Speaking of the duo's courtship guidelines, Jinger made it clear that not all new relationships are “cookie cutter” despite the family's reputation.

Jinger and Jeremy are, as most fans are aware, already engaged ... and possibly breaking courtship rules (or lack thereof) as we speak.

The couple has not yet set a wedding date, and no, despite reports, Jeremy did not get Jinger Duggar pregnant out of wedlock already.

Let's just clear that much up right off the bat here.

She is planning to peace out of Arkansas and move down to Texas with her pastor beau pretty much the second they tie the knot, however.

Girl always was a rebel by Duggar standards.

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