Jana Duggar Bought a Tattoo Shop?!

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If you watch Counting On online, then you're aware that Jana Duggar is known for her friendly, soft-spoken demeanor.

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Even by Duggar standards, Jana is a quiet, unassuming sort.

In fact, her devotion to helping her parents raise their unreasonably large brood has earned her the nickname "the Cinderella Duggar."

So you can imagine the shock of many fans when word that Jana had purchased a tattoo and piercing shop began to circulate on social media.

You may have seen a report to that effect and dismissed it as too ridiculous to be true.

But here's the incredible part:

Several media outlets have obtained documents proving that Jana did in fact purchase a building that was previously home to Phoenix Rising Tattoos and Body Piercing in Springdale, Arkansas.

However, the place is now just a vacant, nondescript commercial property.

It's unclear what Jana plans to do with the place, but you can bet that no one will be paying to have any needles stuck in their flesh unless Jana decides to enter the acupuncture biz.

The docs indicate that Jana forked over a modest $95,000 for the property.

It's no surprise that she had the cash, or that she's looking to branch out into a new line of work.

Reality television is just one of many Duggar hustles, and like her siblings, Jana wears many hats.

Anyone who's seen the Duggars flip cars or engage in one of their other side projects knows that this is a family that believes idle hands devil's playthings.

Of course, they believe that just about everything except for denim skirts is the devil's the plaything, too.

Anyway, if the fallout from the Josh Duggar sex scandal taught this family anything, it's that reputations are fragile.

Despite the loyalty of their fan base, Jana and company know that they're one more scandal away from being booted off TLC again.

(Presumably for good this time.)

As a result, they're making their money work for them like never before.

But as much as the Duggars like to come as bunch of honest, hardworking Joes and Janes (Weird that none of them are named Jane, right?), make no mistake about it:

Fame is still their primary source of income. 

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