Farrah Abraham: SLAMMED For Calling Daughter "Stupid Heathen"

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You may want to sit down for this:

On last night's episode of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham demonstrated that she's not exactly the kindest, most compassionate human on the planet.

Farrah Abraham with Daughter

Much of the episode focused on Farrah's astonishingly rude treatment of Simon Saran.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that volatility within that relationship is nothing new.

And if you keep up with Farrah's social media pages or the frequent tabloid reports are the troubled reality star, you know that controversies surrounding Farrah and her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, are also old hat at this point.

However, Farrah's notorious temper is usually directed at the grownups in her life, such as Saran, and her long-suffering (though often insufferable) mother, Deborah.

However, last night's episode (which you can watch below) revealed a different, more troubling side of Farrah's tendency toward irrational rage:

Prior to an Easter egg hunt, Sophia complained of feeling ill, prompting her mother to unleash a tirade of what some have described as verbally abusive language:

“I don’t know why Sophia needs to act like a heathen, get up there,” Abraham said, pushing her daughter up the stairs.

“Sophia is too stupid to get ready," Farrah then remarked to her mother. It’s not my issue right now.”

When Deborah prompted Farrah to go easy on her daughter, Farrah remarked:

“I gave her medicine. I already did that stuff. It’s ridiculous how she’s acting. Between the two of you I don’t know what’s more irritating.”

Not surprisingly, Teen Mom fans proceeded to go off on Farrah on social media:

Farrah & Sophia Abraham Image

“Definition of a bad mom? Farrah Abraham,” one viewer tweeted. “How can you call your daughter stupid?!”

“Anyone else’s heart break when Farrah Abraham through [sic] her sick daughter up the steps? Your kid is a CHILD. Not a servant," another commented.

Amazingly, for once, Farrah actually saw the error of her ways and issued a semi-apology in an interview with Radar Online:

Farrah explained that to her mind, "stupid" isn't necessarily an insult.

“I can be stupid, anyone can act stupid,” Abraham told the website.

“I keep it real. I’m not allowing my daughter to be spoiled or not responsible for her actions.”

Like we said, controversies involving Farrah and Sophia are nothing new, but usually they stem from the fact that Farrah seems to regard her only child as more of a friend than a daughter.

Farrah's endorsement of Sophia's modeling career has been a particular subject of criticism.

Now, however, it seems that Sophia isn't immune to being subjected to her mother's fits of rage.

Hopefully, Farrah will take a lesson from this incident and bear in mind that her daughter is not, in fact, a grown-up who can simply bounce back after being publicly berated.

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