Duggar Family: Desperate to Save Counting On From Cancelation?!

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The Duggars fought hard to get back to basic cable after being ousted as a result of the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

It was a major victory when they scored a new show, and when Counting On was renewed for a second season, many fans seemed to believe they were back for good.

But now it seems the beleaguered family's efforts to rebuild their reputation may have been in vain.

Duggar Sisters: Counting On

Not only has Counting On been struggling in the ratings, it's been driving away advertisers in droves.

As several corporations have entirely cut ties with TLC after finding out their ads were being featured on, the show is having disastrous effects that reach far beyond its time slot.

Several industry insiders have expressed their belief that the network would be foolish to sign on for another season with reality TV's most controversial clan.

But that hasn't stopped the Duggars from making one hell of a last-ditch effort to save their failing franchise.

Fans of the show may have noticed some major changes in recent episodes, and there have been some significant shake-ups in the lives of the Duggar daughters over the past few weeks.

Counting On! Cast

Treva Bowdoin of the Inquisitr believes this is no coincidence.

She outlines three ways in which the Duggars are using the events of their personal lives to ratchet up drama in an apparent attempt to convince TLC that their brand is still worth the risk.

Unfortunately (or hilariously, depending on your perspective), it seems some of those efforts may have backfired.

Recent episodes of Counting On have featured cameos from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who were originally not to participate in the 19 Kids spin-off.

Bringing the prodigal parents back to the cast was apparently meant as a way to stir up drama and boost ratings.

It didn't work.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: NOT Divorced!

Not only was there no significant uptick in viewers, the move seemed to outrage some fans, some of whom were very vocal on social media.

The other efforts to bring the Duggar faithful back to the fold may be coincidental, but they've nonetheless been exploited by producers looking to make fans forget about the family's scandals by cranking the wholesome factor up to 11.

Again, however, the family-friendly noise seems to be falling on deaf ears.

Jinger Duggar got engaged to Jeremy Vuolo, and sources say the couple's wedding will be televised.

But Jim Bob's micro-management of their relationship seems to be off-putting to many viewers - an unwelcome reminder of the patriarchal system that allowed Josh's abuse to occur.

Jeremy Vuolo and Jim Bob Duggar Try Out Rings

Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her second child, and she stayed off social media so as to keep the pregnancy a surprise.

There are no secrets in 2016, however, and fans were quick to figure out the reasoning behind her absence from Instagram.

At this point, it seems there may be no saving the Duggars from cancelation.

Perhaps TLC is beginning to realize why so many felt the family's television careers never should've been resurrected in the first place.

Watch Counting On online to catch up on the Duggars while you still can.

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