Duggar Family Adoption: Details of 20th Child Revealed

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The Duggar family's 20th child, or soon-to-be 20th child, was revealed this week, but it wasn't what any observers of the family expected.

Whatever you think of the famous Arkansans, there's no disputing that the past 18 months have been extremely challenging for them.

First, the revelation that first-born child Josh Duggar molested his own sisters when he was a teenager rocked the family to its core.

Michelle, Jim Bob Duggar Photo

Then, Josh was outed as an Ashley Madison user, cheating on long-suffering wife Anna as he espoused "family values" as a lobbyist.

That led to the cancelation of their reality show 19 Kids & Counting (later reborn as Counting On) in a scandal that has never quite died.

Despite this really rough stretch, a ray of sunshine has shone upon the Duggars in the form of a 20th child, a new son, this summer.

No, Michelle Duggar is not pregnant. They're taking in the 8-year-old son of Michelle's niece, Rachel Hutchins, for surprising reasons.

Rachel Hutchins

Hutchins is no longer able to care for him, and dourt documents show that the couple has been granted temporary custody of the child.

Rachel, sadly, has become "unemployed and homeless."

Moreover, Hutchins is currently on probation for three years after an April arrest on felony charges of breaking and entering and theft.

This news is particularly interesting in that Michelle has had a strained and distant relationship with her side of the family for years.

While Jim Bob's family in Arkansas has been a fixture in the Duggars' public and private lives, Michelle's relatives are shrouded in mystery.

Evelyn Ruark Photo

What little we know comes from Evelyn Ruark, one of her siblings, who has criticized the family's lifestyle and position on gay rights.

Clearly, any tension that exists between Michelle and her family hasn't deterred her from stepping in during their time of need now.

A source close to the family told In Touch Weekly:

"There's a strong hope that once that happens they will be able to adopt him. They didn't have to think long about coming to the boy's rescue."

"Helping this little angel was an answer to their prayers."

Duggar Family Photo: A Classic!

Hutchins has sent over the adoption forms to the Duggars so that they can become legal guardians of her son on a permanent basis.

Jim Bob and Michelle are set to appear in court in November, where they will learn whether or not their legal adoption bid will go through.

A source close to the family believes that despite the recent Josh scandals, Michelle and Jim Bob have a good shot of gaining custody.

Part of that is because, well, compared to the boy's mom, the couple are model citizens, and are nothing if not stable and family oriented.

They've had their problems, but the boy is out of options.

Josh Duggar Public Appearance Photo

The Duggars feel they can, and should, help Rachel.

"She's a good person, but she's made some bad decisions," the source says, and Jim Bob and Michelle are happy to be there for her.

As such, they assume a court will agree that what they can offer her son is as good as the boy could hope for in this unfortunate situation.

"They believe there should be no problems at the hearing.”

Nor can we see why there would be any, under the circumstances; Jim Bob and Michelle sure have enough experience with children.

You can criticize them if you like - we've often done it - but there's nothing we can see that should prevent this adoption from transpiring.

While they're aware of the public perception of Josh, the Duggars "are certain their home is a safe environment for a child." 

The boy will certainly have enough kids to play with ...

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