Dani Mathers: Facing Charges For Body-Shaming Gym Pic?

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Back in July, former Playmate of the Year Dani Mathers thought it would be funny to take a Snapchat of a naked woman at her LA Fitness gym, and share it.

Dani Mathers Laughs Playboy Mansion 2015

The caption, which read "If I can't unsee this then you can't either," shamed the fellow gym patron and set off a firestorm that saw Mathers not only banned from all LA Fitness locations, but fired from her gig on KLOS's Heidi & Frank morning show.

"Her behavior is appalling and puts every member at risk of losing their privacy," LA Fitness EVP of operations Jill Greuling told the Los Angeles Times.

"Our written rules are very clear: Cellphone usage and photography are prohibited in the locker rooms."

Now, TMZ has learned that the LAPD has located the victim in the photo - described as a woman in her 70's - who is ready to fully cooperate with the case, which includes testify against Mathers.

The charge, if issued, is Dissemination of Private Images, which is reportedly a misdemeanor which could carry a 6-month jail sentence.

LAPD officers want to make an example of Mathers, whom they believe tried to shame someone who was trying to better herself.

As for Mathers, who was named Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 2015, she issued an apology on Snapchat soon after the incident.

Dani Mathers, Hugh Hefner Photo

"I just want to acknowledge a photo that I accidentally posted. It was absolutely wrong and not what I meant to do," the 29-year-old said in the video.

"I chose to do what I do for a living because I love the female body and I know body shaming is wrong, that's not what I'm about and this is not the type of person I am.

"The photo was taken as part of a personal conversation with a girlfriend and because I am new to Snapchat I didn't realize I had posted it, and that was a huge mistake.

Dani Mathers Instagram Photo

"I know I have upset a lot of people out there but please believe me this is not the type of person that I am.

"I have never done this before and I will never do this again, you have my word."

Users on social media didn't believe Mathers apology, accusing her of only being sorry because she got caught.  

Even former Girls Next Door star, Kendra Wilkinson told TMZ that Mathers' decision was a "stupid f--king choice," and refused to even defend the Playmate.

“That’s a huge mistake. No one should be taking pictures of anybody who they don’t know,” Wilkinson said.

“And if it’s in the privacy of a gym … That’s why I don’t change at a gym, because I get scared of that."

Mathers thought issuing yet another mea culpa (in addition to her Snapchat video) would somehow win her a few points.

"I'm sorry for what I did," she wrote on Twitter.  "I need to take some time to myself now to reflect on why I did this horrible thing. Goodnight."

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