Counting On Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Duggars Gone WILD!

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On Counting On Season 3 Episode 3, Jill and Derick addressed some issues in their relationship, and meanwhile, the gang went wild.

As in on an adventure, into the wild. As in the wilderness.

If you watch Counting On online, you know Jinger Duggar didn't want to be a part of this charade since it meant being apart from Jeremy Vuolo.

Well, that wasn't the only drawback, it turned out.

"It's just a personal conviction in our life that we wear skirts because it's more modest," Joy explained of the non-traditional hiking attire.

Jana, the eldest Duggar daughter, acknowledged that others might raise their eyebrows at the girls' apparel choices, but shrugged it off thusly:

"We just do things a little differently.”

Floor-length skirts and flip flops certainly aren't what you envision when you head off on a wilderness adventure, but hey, it's the Duggars.

Given the recent engagement of Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar, the outdoor trek was definitely the hardest on her of all the ladies.

She just can't bear to be apart from her man!

"I don't know how long Jinger's going to last without cell service, but it's good to have her back," Joy-Ann laughed to the TLC cameras.

She lasted just fine, but man, it was tough.

Jinger conceded that she might be "driving people nuts with it," but she added, "It's just when you're in love, everybody knows about it."

In other words, she can't help it, so deal.

Meanwhile, Jill and Derick attempted to visit a romantic hotel in honor of their second anniversary - with their son Izzy along for the ride.

Quite a way to set the mood.

The El Salvador missionaries got to enjoy air conditioning, hot water, a bathtub and a security guard - not to mention full. Frontal. Hugs.

And kissing. Oh, the kissing.

"We've gotten better at it," he said of that romantic act, which they first experienced on their wedding day, two years ago that morning.

Derick Dillard: 2016, 2014

Weeks later, they got pregnant with Israel, so clearly they got better at kissing and then some in a hurry. As for making baby number two?

"Lots of people ask that," she said, asked point blank by a producer if she's pregnant. "We are looking forward to having another baby soon."

As for how many Duggar babies are on the way, it looks like just one right now - Jessa and Ben Seewald are expecting their second.

We didn't know that at this point in the filming process, but she was already thinking about number two during this installment.

That much was abundantly clear.

Jessa, Ben, Jill and Derick Photo

While dropping off some clothes that Spurgeon had already outgrown, she mused that "we should have another baby sometime soon."

Ben seems game, challenging as this would be.

"It would be totally different though," she said.

"Double the work, double the diapers."

Yes, having one baby is hard enough. Imagine being pregnant once again while caring a newborn still six months old or even younger.

Or doing that 12-15 times if you're Michelle.

In any case, she said, "we're looking forward to whatever's next," and clearly they got over the reservations pretty quick because, well ...

Jessa Duggar is pregnant again.

Who will be next in line to carry the next generation of the family into the future? Will Jill, Jinger, Anna, or another Duggar get pregnant next?

Hit the comments below!

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