Usain Bolt: Caught in Bed with Another Woman!

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Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive.

But just because he can set a world record in the 100 Meters, that doesn't mean Bolt is so fast that he can't be caught cheating on his girlfriend.

Usain Bolt Picture

This appears to be what took place last week after a 20-year old named Jady Duarte shared a couple photos of her and Bolt online.

In BED and online, we should say.

The two scandalous images were uploaded to a close group of Duarte’s friends on WhatsApp, but they’ve since been leaked on to the World Wide Web.

And they really leave little doubt as to what either just took place between Bolt and Duarte... what is about to take place... or what is about to take place again.

In the first picture, Bolt is sitting behind Duarte, a smile on his face, his arm around her upper chest:

Usain Bolt and Jady Duarte

In the second, Duarte is smirking at the camera while the amazing Olympia is nuzzling her neck:

Jady Duarte

According, Duarte has said the following about the photo leak:

“It’s very negative. I never wanted to be famous, I’m dying of shame.”

Jady told the website she met Bolt at Boate All In nightclub in Rio on Saturday night, where the athlete was celebrating his 30th birthday.

Duarte checked-in to the establishment on Facebook at around 11:30 p.m. and says she was later approached by a member of Bolt’s security team.

(NOTE: This is actually a typical sort of encounter. Plenty of male celebrities send a bodyguard or someone in their entourage to initiate contact with a potential hook-up.)

Pressed by the aforementioned website for details of their evening, Jady said “it was not a big deal. It was normal.”

Ouch! Inadvertent Usain Bolt diss!

Usain Bolting

We guess being the fastest person alive isn't necessarily a good thing in all aspects of one's life... if you know what we mean.

Anyway. Why is this noteworthy?

Because Bolt allegedly has a girlfriend of two years.

Her name is Kasi Bennett and she was very open throughout the Rio Olympics in cheering for Bolt over Twitter.

Kasi Bennett pic

Does one Tweet mean she and Bolt are serious? Of course not.

But consider what Bolt's own sister told The Sun.

“I’ve met her and she’s lovely - she’s perfect for Usain,” Christine Bolt-Hylton told the British newspaper recently.

“I would say that there’s a very strong possibility they’ll get engaged when he comes home...

"I’ve talked to Usain about starting a family and he says he wants to, and I’m sure he will now he’s achieved so much.”

She concluded that she thinks Bennett is "the one" for her brother.

It doesn't appear as if Bolt agrees, however.

Bolt has won Gold in the 100 Meters and 200 Meters in all three of the previous Olympics. It's a feat no track athlete has ever come close to duplicating.

He's a marvel in competition. He's in a class by himself.

But he may not be the best boyfriend in the world.

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