Thomas Gibson to Be FIRED from Criminal Minds?

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Thomas Gibson is not currently on the Criminal Minds set.

As previously reported, the veteran actor is on suspension after he kicked a writer in the leg over a storyline disagreement.

Thomas Gibson with a Gun

This much we know.

But this much we must now wonder:

Will Thomas Gibson ever return to the set of this hit CBS drama?

According to TMZ sources, the answer is probably yes. But that doesn't mean he'll stick around for very long.

Producers are reportedly considering whether or not to fire Gibson from his long-held post. That's how sick they are of his (violent) antics.

If this firing takes place, it will likely go into effect on Season 13.

Gibson plays Aaron Hotchner on the series and there’s no way to quickly make that lead agent go away.

But give the writers time and they can obviously come up with a storyline that eventually leads to Gibson departing the show.

Thomas Gibson as Hotchner

He has been a key cast member since 2005.

However, Gibson got into a dispute with co-executive producer Virgil Williams a couple weeks ago.

Sources on set say Williams definitely egged Gibson on and that Williams has a pretty huge ego.

He did not make things physical, but he did taunt the actor and get up close to him, prompting Gibson to kick Williams in the leg.

Was the action taken as a form of self-defense? Maybe.

But Gibson also pushed an assistant director back in 2010. He has a history of violence on set and was ordered by producers at one point to attend anger management classes.

Williams, pictured below with Gibson, told his agent about the latest confrontation.

The agent went to CBS executives and they had little choice but to suspend Gibson.

Virgil Williams

Here is what we know about the way his absence will be handled on Season 12:

Hotch will be missing in action starting in the third episode after being assigned a TDY (temporary duty) elsewhere.

TV Guide was the first outlet to provide these details.

Fortunately, those who watch Criminal Minds online or on television may not even notice his absence because this episode will also mark Paget Brewster's return as Prentiss.

Look for that beloved character to lend her BAU friends a helping hand in apprehending the remaining unsubs who broke out of prison at the end of Season 11.

Got all that? There won't be a quiz later, don't worry.

If Gibson does get fired, he can at least take solace in not being the first actor or actress ever fired from a major TV show.

He would join the following company:

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