Taylor Swift Mystery Solved: "Back to December" Is About WHICH Famous Ex?!

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Taylor Swift has dated a lot of famous dudes. 

Taylor Swift Stares at Calvin Harris

You may want to take a second to recover from the shock of that news before you read any further.

Ready? Good, because we're about to hit you with another shocker:

Taylor has been known to occasionally write songs inspired by her celebrity exes.

In the grand country music tradition (It's easy to forget, but Swift did get her start in Nashville.), most of them are scathing take downs of no-good cheats who done 'er wrong.

Swift slammed John Mayer in the not-so-subtle "Dear John."

She informed legions of you JoBros fans that Joe Jonas was the reason for the teardrops on her guitar.

And we're sure a diss track about a lanky Scot is currently in post-production. Maybe he'll be a practicing Calvinist.

Anyway, Taylor is no Carly Simon when it comes to nuance, and her lyrics are usually pretty blunt and on-the-nose.

That said, in the past, her relationships have come in such rapid succession (with some possible overlap. No judgment! Just sayin'!), that it's sometimes difficult to decipher just what ex she's talking about.

One song in particular has piqued fans' interest over the years, as it's not a wounded torch song at all, but a heartfelt apology to a man she was unkind to.

Taylor discussed the lyrics to "Back to December" in a candid 2010 interview.

She admitted that the song was "a first," as she'd never apologized in song form before, but she stopped just short of revealing whom she was singing about.

Now, we finally have a solution to that years-old mystery thanks to the detective work of - Lea Michele?

Yes, believe it or not it took a bit of relentless interrogation from the former Glee star to confirm a theory fans have held for years:

After a bit of cajoling, Lea did what dozens of interviewers have been unable to do:

She got Taylor Lautner to admit that "Back to December" was indeed written about him.

Sadly, Ms. Michele couldn't get him to talk about what she did that was so terrible she felt the need to apologize in song form.

Must have been pretty bad if Lautner won't even discuss it.

This is a guy who's friends with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

He knows relationship drama!

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