Leah Messer: WAY Too Skinny, According to Fans!

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Just when you thought Leah Messer was earning praise for healthy living, fans freak out over a photo of the Teen Mom 2 star looking a bit too skinny.

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Body-shaming exists for both overweight and underweight people, something Messer is all too familiar with.  

This past weekend, Messer posed for a photo with her mother, Dawn before a "girls night out." She re-wore a plum dress first seen in July 2015.

While the weight loss is noticeable in a side-by-side comparison from In Touch,  it certainly doesn't warrant the amount of negative comments Messer received on Instagram.

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Let's start with this one:

"You need some food. Your mom needs a girdle LOL. Oh yeah and also her hair needs to be fixed looks very very dry and nappy. The end!"

Fortunately, a lot of fans stood up for Messer.

"Being a 'skinny"'person myself...it hurts to constantly hear people say hey do you eat or girl you need a burger! I know I'm skinny..I don't need to hear it constantly regardless if it's coming from a good point or not. I don't like being this skinny, but I can't help it. It's my metabolism & genes. I have tried weight gainers ect.

Do the people that is calling her out Not realize she knows how small she is...maybe she is trying to gain weight and it's not happening.

Maybe just maybe she has stress and depression that is causing weight loss or an underlying medical condition..Whatever is going on with her, if anything even is...

You guys are Not helping her by being Negative.

Messer was fed up what she read, and responded accordingly:

I LOVE my body!! Isn't that all that matters? lol #worryboutyourself As long as I feel healthy happy and beautiful why do you think it matters to me what anyone else thinks?

Leah Messer Bikini Pic Mirror

I could NEVER talk about others the way ppl have commented on me.

As long as YOU are HAPPY with who YOU are && are HEALTHY. I'll be happy with just that(: Maybe you all should do the same and cut it out already!  #NightNight

Oh btw, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH to everyone that is being nice! It means the world to me!

 Be You Be Natural Be HAPPY && HEALTHY!

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