Leah Messer Shows Off Stretch Marks, Fans Are Surprisingly Supportive

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Leah Messer let fans know she removed her belly button ring, but the stretch marks in the photo were all anyone would talk about.

Leah Messer Spray Tan Pic
Leah Messer Stretch Marks Pic

"I took my belly button ring out! Looks so much better!  #loveit #BeYou #BeNatural #NoFilter," Messer wrote three days ago, prompting the most positive remarks about a Teen Mom 2 star anyone has seen in awhile.

"Wish I looked that good. Stretch marks are a dorm of strength and beauty. Love them abs. Good job," one fan wrote.

"Can't believe u had twins u look fantastic wear those tiger strips with pride mama," another wrote.

Messer has only recently found her voice, after being slammed with offensive comments after one bikini pic.

Leah Messer Bikini Image

The backlash prompted Messer to issue a statement to Refinery29 on body image, an unprecedented move for the reality star and mom-of-three.

First and foremost, there is much more to women than our bodies.  Yet many women seem to continually judge others, not by their character, but by their bodies

There are many more important issues going on in the world today than whether or not I had enough to eat for breakfast. (Side note: I had plenty.)

We should be focused on spreading love and kindness instead of mean-spirited bullying. Thankfully I am in a beautiful place in my life raising three wonderful, kind, loving and confident little girls.  

Filming for the new season of Teen Mom 2 is already underway, and Messer has been posting inspirational quotes and photos to let fans know she's in a fantastic place.

"Know yourself, love yourself and never lower your standards. Recognize what you don't want but focus upon what feels good," Messer wrote yesterday.

"This is the power of aligning your energy to attract all that you want. Stop spending countless hours thinking about what's wrong and start conditioning your mind to appreciate what is good. Embrace growth and change."

Messer went to rehab in 2015 for anxiety and depression, and finalized her divorce from second husband Jeremy Calvert last September.

"Don't take anything personally. Let go and stop trying to fix what isn't yours to fix," Messer continued.  "Attend to your own life with fierce intention and know that YOU are absolutely enough."

We're proud of the Messer for the strides she's made in living her best life.

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