Leah Messer: Ripped By Fans For Latest Parenting Controversy ... But Should She Be?!

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Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is no stranger to controversy, but she likely wasn't expecting to generate much with this specific photo.

Leah Messer and Her Kids in the Car

As you can see, here she is with her three girls in the car.

"They are my life!" Leah wrote as a sweet, simple caption.

Was the MTV star putting their lives at risk, however?

Instagram commenters, as expected, were all over her because of the supposed car seat safety problems revealed by this photograph.

“You can see the booster seat but she’s not big enough or old enough to not be in a 5 point harness," one commenter wrote.

“They make 5 point harnesses rated for 7 year olds so I seriously doubt your 3 year old is over 70lbs," said another critic.

"And middle isn’t always better, because what’s going to protect your child from something coming thru the windshield."

Leah Messer With Daughters Photo

This Leah fan (term used loosely) adds that the car seat Leah’s daughter is in was intended to be for a child who weighs 110 pounds.

Could young Adalynn weigh that much? No chance.

Still, are the commenters in the wrong to point this out? Is it really that big a risk she's taking? Or are they just trying to help?

Her track record, sadly, won't result in Messer getting the benefit of the doubt, as you know if you watch Teen Mom 2 online.

In September of last year, the cops were called on Leah for driving her 5-year-old twins without having either one of them in car seats.

At all. It was a teacher who originally reported this.

Leah Messer ar Great Wolf Lodge

Teen Mom 2 fans are certainly no stranger to watching Leah struggling in recent years, specifically when it comes to raising three kids.

In June of last year, she was criticized for spanking her 5-year-old Aleeah Grace (known as Gracie) as a punishment for a temper tantrum.

Messer blamed stress as her reasoning for spanking, while she also famously came under scrutiny for passing out while holding a baby.

Then she forgot her daughter in the car that time.

As we said ... it has not been Leah's best year.

Still, with so many parents making the same car seat mistake Leah is being blasted for this time, is it possible fans need to chill a little?

Yes, by being a popular reality star and sharing her life on social media, Messer is inviting her followers to analyze every detail of her life.

Can we cut her some slack a little bit, though?

Leah has yet to make a comment  regarding the backlash she has been receiving for the recent picture of her girls and the car seat.

What do you think? Is she in the wrong? Should her kids be taken away? Can she expect any different when she shares pics online?

Or - and this is a truly insane concept - but:

Might people want to take a step back and a few deep breaths before assailing her with intense vitriol over what are truly minor issues?

Hit the comments below and let us know!

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