Larry King: Wife Shawn Accused Of Having Yet Another Affair

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Shawn King has been married to TV legend Larry King for 19 years, but she is reportedly being unfaithful to him for the second time in their union.

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The National Enquirer claims to have evidence that Shawn is having an affair with a man who was "a top confidante" to Princess Diana.

Shawn, 57, has reportedly texted her much-younger lover that her "sexless" marriage to Larry, 82, is all but over.

“[It’s] too little too late," she wrote in one message.

"And we still live totally separate lives … He knows deep down inside he’ll never have me fully again.”

In July, the Enquirer alleges, Shawn sent her lover a photo of her boob, followed by a more buttoned up pic of Larry, herself, her lover and another woman, calling it "more conservative.

A few months before that, Shawn told her lover that she thinks Larry might be on to her.

"Larry made another joke about me having an affair last night … He senses a shift in me," she wrote.

It seems the two like to joke about Larry after having sex.  The lover called it "Sleep With a King Audition," and bragged that he had a large penis.

Shawn wrote back, “Really? Well, we’ll begin fittings in the afternoon.”

Apparently their communication was on Facebook as well, and while they were on a break, she asked that he "delete" their "private videos and photos."

What's a little odd is that the Enquirer claims that Shawn is grooming her lover to be the next Larry King.

She's “trying to set up his career to take over when Larry dies,” a source told Radar Online.

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Shawn and Larry are parents to sons Chance, 17, and Cannon, 16.  

Larry filed for divorce in 2010 and discovering that Shawn was having an affair with the boys' baseball coach, while she accused him of fooling around with her sister.  

They ended up calling off the divorce.

Ok, who wants to take a stab at who this lover is?

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