Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Panic Attacks, Daily Vomiting

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Kristen Stewart has been a public figure for most of her life.

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Even before the Twilight franchise and the real saga that followed (Stewart's breakup with Robert Pattinson that earned her the contempt of millions of Twihards), she was a known name and face thanks to her work in films such as Panic Room and Into the Wild.

These days, Stewart remains a tabloid fixture (the relationship between Stewart and Alicia Cargile has proven a surprising source of fascination), and to the chagrin of haters everywhere her acting in such recent films as The Clouds of Sils Maria and Cafe Society has drawn raves from critics.

Will all those accomplishments and all those years in the spotlight, you'd think Stewart would be thoroughly unflappable.

Kristen covers the new issue of Elle UK, and she reveals that the sudden promotion to the A-list following her casting in Twilight resulted in such constant stress that it began to take a tremendous toll on her health:

"I went through so much stress," Stewart tells the mag.

"I had panic attacks, I used to puke every day and very casually, too."

Kristen Stewart Cafe Society Premiere Pic

Jeez. Thankfully, Kristen didn't turn to hard drugs or constant partying to cope like so many other young stars.

Instead, she discovered a much healthier way to manage her stress.

No, not constantly gnawing on her bottom lip (though that seems to help, too).

We're talking about weed.

Yes, as her fans know Kristen loves her pot, and it seems to have helped her mellow out considerably over the years.

As coping mechanisms go, she could do a lot worse.

Lip-gnawing and hair-touching are nice, but they only help so much, you know?

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