Kris Jenner Stalker Arrested; Once Offered to "Eat" Reality Star "Out"

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Kris Jenner is not the only member of her family to have had some serious stalker drama. 

We recently reported about Kendall Jenner getting a restraining order against Shavaughn McKenzie. 

McKenzie had been stalking the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star for quite some time. 

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Now, we're hearing that Kris Jenner had a stalker of her own, who sounds considerably more crazier than Kendall's one. 

Kris had her iCloud and social media accounts hacked, with the deranged fan impersonating her. 

This was not your standard stalker. This woman literally went out of her way to make Jenner's life hell. 

She was impersonating her. Can you imagine someone sending messages on your behalf? That's exactly what was happening in this case. 

It was not pretty. 

The woman even claimed to have had a sex tape with Kris Jenner and sent her a raft of vulgar text messages. 

The text messages really are so out there. Avert your eyes if you're easily disgusted:

"Can I eat you out. Oh you can't block me forever love."

"I'm gonna duck you right in the p**** hole you are mine and u am in love"  

"Instagram me. Make me famous."

Jenner must have been scared out of her mind getting these messages. 

There's also word the stalker called the cops pretending to be Jenner, claiming one of the Kardashians were attempting to commit suicide. 


Kris was not the only one on the receiving end of the tirade. Her family were brought into it on several occasions. 

Heck, even two assistants were in the firing line. 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians - Season 11 Photo

The woman was arrested on Thursday, August 18 in Oakland. 

The indictment includes multiple counts of cyberstalking and hacking.

No one should be allowed the power to impersonate and harass someone. The woman didn't just cross a line, she went too far. 

What to do you think of these latest developments?

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