Kailyn Lowry: Throwing Shade at Javi Marroquin on Twitter?

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It's tough to tell what's really going on with Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin these days.

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry Picture

As you know if you follow either of them on social media, Marroquin is back in the US after an 8-month overseas deployment with US Air Force.

Unfortunately, it's been far from a happy homecoming.

The couple separated during Marroquin's time in Qatar, and now they have to go about the messy business of divorcing and reaching a custody arrangement for young son Lincoln.

Photos like the one above (posted by both Javi and Kailyn) seem to indicate that all is well.

But social media and the tabloids have been flooded with reports to the contrary.

Some say Marroquin and Lowry began fighting within hours of his arrival back in the States.

Others have gone so far as to claim that the homecoming photo was staged.

Like we said, there's a lot of conflicting information out there, but based on Kailyn's recent Twitter activity, it certainly seems that she has beef with someone.

First, there's this hilarious Lauren Conrad GIF that she posted:

Lauren Conrad: Sucky Person GIF

Shorlty thereafter, she retweeted a Drake quote:

"I'm about being single, seeing double, making triple."

Then there are Kailyn's other recent retweets. 

They're telling, to say the least:

"I'd rather be alone and happy than with someone and miserable! You're 1 of the toughest bitches I know.... Keep ur head up," reads another retweet, this one directed at Kailyn from a friend.

"I need a vacation from the mind."

"I hate wondering where I stand in someone's life."

Mind, you those are all from today.

We're not saying for sure that it's her baby daddy, but we think it's safe to say Kailyn's butting heads with someone these days.

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