Kailyn Lowry: Snubbing Javi Marroquin Upon Return From Deployment?!

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Teen Mom 2's Javi Marroquin has finally returned home from deployment, but his estranged wife Kailyn Lowry was nowhere to be seen.

Much Love For Javi
Javi Marroquin Returns!

Marroquin's family and friends picked up him up from the airport, when the proud U.S. Air Force member came home over the weekend.

The group even rocked "Marroquin" t-shirts to support Javi.

Conspicuously missing from the sizable crowd, however?

Javi's estranged wife and their young sons Lincoln, 2, and Isaac, 6, her first child from her previous relationship with boyfriend Jo Rivera.

But was this a snub, as several media outlets reported?

"He flew into an airport an hour away from the house late at night," a source close to Lowry told Radar, regarding Marroquin's re-entry.

"She knew the kids would be grumpy if they were woken up in the car and she wanted them to be super excited to see Javi."

Not, the insider says, "in a bad mood from being tired."

Javi Marroquin Selfie

So it was actually a logistical decision and a courtesy?

Mostly. There is some lingering tension between them: "Javi's friends had already planned to pick him up and his friends don't like Kail."

All that said, things are amicable ... for the time being.

Javi recently defended Kailyn from Twitter trolls - a far cry from when he appeared to be the troll posting Kailyn's private letters (seriously).

The Teen Mom 2 cast member then made sure her children saw their father when he returned home for the first time in seven months.

At least on the surface, they reunited happily ...

Welcome Home Javi!
Javi Marroquin Welcomed Home

She had their sons make welcome home signs, and they were excited when Marroquin surprised the boys by picking them up this morning.

Lowry even posted a pic of the heartfelt reunion (above).

"Welcome back @javim9," she captioned the image of Marroquin hugging their sons, which is sure to spark discussions of the duo's future.

Don't bank on anything changing, insiders caution.

Marroquin will be moving out of their family home, getting his own bachelor pad and proceeding with the divorce the couple plans to get.

"He will be getting his own place," the insider dished. "He's been looking and he will be staying in the area since he is stationed here."

So that's that? One never knows with these two.

It's hard to believe how quickly things unraveled for them between last Christmas and now, or that Javi wasn't in the country of any of it.

This wasn't just a sad breakup, though it certainly is that; Kailyn and Javi's slow-moving, passive-aggressive demise was a real train wreck.

One that played out on the Internet in real time.

Whether or not you watch Teen Mom 2 online, if you're reading this know, you know the rumor mill has been in overdrive to say the last.

Did Javi cheat on Kailyn with her best friend Peach?

Did she return the favor by dating Becky Hayter, a separate female "friend" who certainly hasn't shot down talk of the two hooking up?

Neither report has been independently confirmed.

All we can tell you for sure is that with the emotional baggage involved, and bad blood between two volatile people going through a lot ...

It'll likely get worse before it gets better.

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