Kailyn Lowry Moves on From Javi Marroquin With New "Baby"

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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is single once again, and the 24-year-old mother of two decided to show off her latest "baby" on Insta.

Kailyn and Her BMW

Yes, we're talking about the car shown here.

"Brought my second baby home!" Kailyn captioned a shot of the newly-purchased whip, no doubt purchased with her Teen Mom 2 pay raise.

Trading in her Chevy Suburban for a BMW X-series, Kail shared her new car buying experience on Snapchat for all her fans to enjoy.

Lowry had a friend riding shotgun who shared a video of Kail driving her new ride with the text “That Brand new BMW life” on the screen.

A bit much? One could argue, yes.

On the flip side, at least this is not another case of Jenelle Evans complaining about being too rich or having too pay too much in taxes.

Her recently-returned-from-duty ex, meanwhile, appears to have taken "custody" of the Suburban (they share their son Lincoln 50-50).

Both appear to be moving on and loving it - or trying to put on fronts to that effect at the very least, detailing their every single move.

Having been gone for eight months up until last week thanks to his deployment with the U.S. Air Force, Javi moved out on Kailyn promptly.

So much for any talk of reconciliation.

Marroquin posted Snapchats of a U-Haul truck moving his belongings out of the house he and Kailyn bought together in happier times.

He's officially living in his own bachelor pad - and despite some mixed emotions about moving, he seems to be all about his new life.

The 23-year-old, newly-single father passive-aggressively tweeted after the U-Hauling was complete, "I love my friends man… Really."

"They keep me sane."

The implication being, if you'll permit us to read between the lines a bit, that the never-ending drama with Kailyn Lowry makes him insane.

With Kailyn throwing shade at Javi with every opportunity these days - be it subtly or more overtly - we wouldn't be shocked at that response.

Like a slow-moving train wreck of emotion, Lowry and her husband saw their marriage totally implode while he was gone on active duty.

Their situation would've been hard for any couple to overcome, but the way they went about things didn't always help the situation, either.

We're not talking about Javi hollering at girls on Twitter or Kailyn "dating" Becky Hayter (though that didn't help). Even more fundamentally:

Speaking only via FaceTime and public social media channels for over half a year when your relationship is shaky anyway is tough.

Doing so when you clearly have unresolved resentments toward the other and are unable to communicate and resolve these problems?

Pretty much a recipe for disaster.

Or at least divorce.

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