Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin: Who's Getting Custody of Lincoln?

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Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been fighting non-stop for the better part of a year, but are they heading to court to battle over custody?

Javi, Kailyn and Kids

The two began to break up via social media (seriously) and ultimately separated during Marroquin's time with the U.S. Air Force in Qatar.

Now that Javi is back, they're going about the messy business of getting a divorce and reaching a custody arrangement for son Lincoln.

It sounds like for once in their lives, this situation was amicable.

“Me and Kail agreed to 50/50 with Lincoln,” Marroquin told Radar of their 2-year-old son (Kail has a 6-year-old as well with Jo Rivera). 

"So every other week I get him."

Kailyn Lowry Bikini Image
Kail and Javi

Stepson Isaac will be part of his life too, he says, adding that the two boys are both family and the thing that he lives for most in the world. 

“Seeing the boys was great,” Marroquin says. “They are the reason why I do what I do so I’ve been spending any free time with them.”

Marroquin moved out on Lowry almost as soon as he returned to the United States from deployment, a process he described as “stressful.”

Because of his marriage ending - Kailyn and Javi began fighting within hours of his arrival back home - and just because moving sucks.

“From the move and adjusting back to the real world, I’m tired,” he said, and it's understandable, as it's been far from a happy homecoming.

Kailyn and Her BMW
Family Dinner

Photos like the ones above (posted by both Javi and Kailyn) seem to indicate that all is well - for them as individuals, not as a couple.

While Kailyn is moving on with her new "baby" (a BMW), Javi is celebrating his new bachelor bad and how grateful he is for his friends.

The 23-year-old Javi semi-passive-aggressively tweeted after his U-Hauling mission was complete, "I love my friends man… Really."

"They keep me sane."

Both have been throwing the requisite shade online, as well.

"I hate wondering where I stand in someone's life," she said.

Mind you, this came after he returned from the Middle East.

Lowry not-so-cryptically added to her 1.1 million followers as Javi was moving, "When the sun goes down the snakes come out to play."

To what, oh what, could she possibly be referring with that?

"If I don't push someone away, they leave on their own."

"I think I'm meant to be alone."

Someone break out the tiny violins ... or the somber soundtrack we'll hear when we watch Teen Mom 2 online and see this all unfold.

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